Is It Legal to Buy Fake College and University Diplomas and Degrees?

 Is It Legal to Buy Fake College and University Diplomas and Degrees?

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A diploma or college degree is a mark of intelligence, perseverance, and prestige. However, not everyone has had the opportunity to take on an academic pursuit in their life. Lucky for them, fake college degrees and fake diplomas are available for purchase online. 

But are fake realistic degrees and diplomas illegal? A quick search will pull up news articles about people getting into trouble for falsifying their credentials. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to own or purchase one, though. 

Here’s everything you need to know about fake diploma sellers and the legality behind them. 

Why You’d Want a Fake College Diploma or Degree

There are a few different reasons why people buy fake college diplomas or novelty degrees. 

Some people didn’t have a great experience in school and misplaced their diplomas. They may also dislike how the school diploma looks and want something more interesting and distinct. 

Office workers may purchase a fake degree to make others take them more seriously. You can also send someone novelty degrees as a birthday or Christmas present. 

When It’s Legal to Buy a Fake Diploma

Creating, purchasing, and owning a fake diploma is completely legal. Technically speaking, all you’re doing is making or selling a decorated piece of paper. You can be sure that websites and retailers that sell fake diplomas have the legal right to do so. 

As an owner, things get a bit more complicated depending on how you use them. 

When It Becomes Illegal

Depending on where you live, a person who falsifies their education status can face criminal charges. For example, you can face a penalty of $1,000 in New Jersey for using a fraudulent degree. 

The main problem with owning a fake college degree is when you try to use it to advance your career or manipulate potential clients. Lying about your credentials is a form of fraud, even if you have the experience to back it up. It’s also a quick way to ruin your reputation and any credibility you’ve established. 

Where to Buy Fake Diplomas

Technically speaking, all you need to make a fake diploma is a printer and a good template. However, you’ll need to purchase from a special retailer if you want a realistic diploma. They can come printed on the right kind of paper and include a seal with a diploma cover or folder. 

If you want to purchase some fake universities diplomas for any reason, you can search for fake diploma sellers online. Generic printing stores won’t give you the kind of accessories or services you need for a realistic document. 

Get a Degree From Your College of Choice

Not everyone has the time or money to attend college. That shouldn’t stop you from getting the degree you want, even if it’s to hang on your wall as a novelty decoration. Just remember that you can’t legally use a fake college degree or diploma for anything other than novelty’s sake. 

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