Is it Worth Buying All Your Domain Name Extensions in Pakistan?

 Is it Worth Buying All Your Domain Name Extensions in Pakistan?

You just registered your cheap pk domain. But you are not sure if you should buy the other domain name extensions and variations for your domain so you can protect your brand in Pakistan.

So, should you buy all your domain extensions and variations? Unless you are a multi-million-dollar company in Pakistan, buying all your domain name extensions and variations is not wise. Instead, it would support you if you focused on buying the .com extension. Furthermore, your country domain extension (.pk, .ae,.us .uk, etc.) if your target audience is local.

We did a small study on companies to find out what they do with their domains. Would you please keep reading to find out more explanations about domain name extensions?

Why register additional domain name extensions and variations?

There are many reasons why domain name buyers have interested in registering variations of their web addresses in Pakistan, comprising:

Domain Protection

Registering domain names that others could use for malicious intentions can protect your brand.


For easily misspelled domains, registering domains similar to your domain could hold an advantage.


Suppose you are lucky enough to own the .com versions of your domains. It is worth investing in the .pk or other gTLDs like .guru, .info, or .site.

Think before you buy domain name extensions 

Before organizing, examining, and spending additional capital to register a cheap domain name, take a moment to assess the interest in your brand. Furthermore, prioritize the domains you want in Pakistan. The questions below can help you plan to get a pk domain:

Are the domains available?

Before creating your pk domain shopping list, it is essential to ensure that the domains you want are available. Then, you can search for available domains using the best domain name providers. 

What is your budget for your new pk domains?

Once you verify that your required pk domains are available, make sure you run a quick price check. How much are the domains per year? Can you save money by registering cheap pk domains for a longer time? Will the price of the pk domains change after the first period? Once you have evaluated the cost, it is important to associate that amount with what you intend to spend.

How long do you want to register each pk domain?

Since registrations range from one to ten years, it is important to choose your registration time wisely. While it may require more upfront, you can save money over time with a longer registration period. It will also save you the trouble of remembering to register your domain. 

In short, they are potentially enabling it to decline or lose the domain to the highest bidder.

Do you feel that pk domains similar to your existing brand are at risk?

If you feel like your pk domain is at risk of domain squatting, make sure you register as many domains as you feel satisfied. While it is sad, many malicious people around the globe are looking for flourishing websites to try to hack or copy for monetary gain. But what if the domain you want to register is available or not?

The Best Domains as Alternatives to .com

The .com is a huge domain name in the world. As businesses do not think twice when registering their cheap .com domain to use for their website. However, following the relief of thousands of new top-level domains (TLDs), it has grown a more popular practice for businesses to register a collection of domain names related to their business plan. 

These could be geographic domain names that interest a local audience or domain names that signify your product or services.

The .com domains are the king of web addresses, with .co. pk and .pk domains close. However, domains are a restricted resource with a limited number of letter combinations available. 

Consequently, when you think that there are currently over 1 billion websites online.

Generic Top-Level Domains

Luckily, the ultimate shortage of .com domains has begun to various web address closings, called gTLDs. These domains exist as important and authorized alternatives to the .com you may not be able to maintain. So, let’s take a glimpse of gTLDs. Subsequently, you should consider if the .com you wanted is unavailable.

You also have the opportunity to make slight changes to the .com domain you want to register. We have an easy-to-use search tool that helps you get similar domains that may meet your wants. Start searching at Navicosoft

Best alternatives to .com domains:

As the go-to domain for websites based in Pakistan, this second-level domain has served the PK well.


Next to, the .pk TLD is quickly becoming a Pakistani favorite with more than a million .pk domains previously registered. Eventually, it would be best if you considered registering .pk domains to protect your Pakistani brand.

With almost a million online domains registered, this gTLD is on its route to mainstream success as the best generic alternative to .com.

The .co .pk domain extension is everything you look for in a domain but one-third less bulk than .com domains. Consider the TLD the diet .com version.

As an eCommerce preference, the .store. pk domain extension is best for anyone running an online store. It also works best for a brick-and-mortar location with an accompanying online retail portal. With several .store. pk domains listed, you should consider finding the ideal .store domain.

The .website .pk domain closing is almost as general as the .com TLD. However, there are many more domain possibilities available. Currently, there are only a few .website .pk domains listed. It means that the odds of your cheap pk domain are very low.

And many more

Do not forget about new geographic options like .wales. Furthermore, industry-specific options like .photography or .design. From .tech to .company, you should consider finding the best domain name for your website, business, or blog. 

Brand Protection: Domain Name Registration

There are so many domain providers to buy pk domains on the market. It has become vital for companies to register various web addresses to protect their brand. However, it needs a lot of time to create your brand and develop your brand identity. So, please execute every attempt to protect your brand with a cheap pk domain

  • By neglecting to register the appropriate domain names, you put yourself at risk of:
  • A direct competitor registers domain names with .co .pk domain names and redirects them to their site. It is a usual practice to steal potential customers who misspell your web address. Furthermore, they use the wrong domain name.
  • Competitors or unhappy customers list a domain name containing your brand’s name to use as a platform for discouraging future customers. The future domain name will be published to enable brands to provide a platform for critique that they can monitor. 
  • You are missing out on a market share within your local community by registering a geographical domain name. We find that is a popular choice! So get a pk domain and rule the world.
  • Missing out on the opportunity to display your expertise to the world. Using our earlier example, a Pakistani brand without a cheap pk domain could be missing out on a large slice (get it?). Using a geographic-specific domain name can shorten your web address and make it more famous.

Get in touch with Navicosoft to search which cheap pk domain name could be perfect for your business today on their domains store and buy a pk domain from the best.

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