Is Mercedes-Benz expensive to maintain?

 Is Mercedes-Benz expensive to maintain?

Mercedes-Benz is a premium brand with good reliability ratings. Their annual maintenance costs average $908. The dealer’s price is not the final time you will spend money on a Mercedes-Benz. To ensure your Mercedes runs smoothly and prevent any damage or repairs, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis. You should keep in mind that the maintenance schedules for different Mercedes models may differ. The car Insurance and the Comparison Shopping App have all the information you need to maintain your Mercedes-Benz.

What maintenance is required for my Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand that can be expensive to maintain. On average, you will pay more for maintenance than for an average car. An average Mercedes owner will need to take their car in for scheduled maintenance approximately 0.7 times per annum, compared with 0.4 times for the average car. Moreover, 13% of all visits to Mercedes will be for issues referred to as severe. This is slightly more than the average across all makes.

What is the cost of Mercedes-Benz maintenance?

A Mercedes-Benz costs about $908 per year to maintain. Remember that the average Mercedes price can vary depending on its model and other factors such as how much wear the vehicle has. These are the average prices for the three most popular Mercedes models.

Budget: C250

  • Reliability: 4/5 (above average)
  • Annual maintenance costs: $643
  • Repair frequency: 0.8/y

Mid-range: E400

  • Reliability: 4/5 (above average)
  • Annual maintenance costs: $849
  • Service frequency: Every 10,000 miles

Sprinter 2500: Splurge

  • Reliability: 3.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance costs: $1430
  • Repair frequency: Every 1.0/y

Why keep your Mercedes?

There are many reasons to maintain your Mercedes on a regular maintenance program.

  • Keep vehicle at high performance
  • Be safe while driving
  • Keep your car’s high resale price.
  • Avoid major issues later.

Regular maintenance is essential for Mercedes vehicles. You could end up with serious problems down the line if you don’t bring your car in for service.

How often does Mercedes-Benz need maintenance?

Oil changes

  • When: it is usually required every 5,000 to 7,500 mile
  • Cost:  $154 to $185
  • Why? Oil changes remove dirt and promote engine performance.
  • DIY? – Yes, if you have the right equipment

Tire replacement

  • When – The NHTSA advises drivers to change their tires every six months, regardless of how many miles they drive.
  • Price: $150 – $500+
  • Why? Tires that are worn out have poor handling and can’t handle wet conditions well.
  • DIY? Let professionals replace your tires to make sure they last a long time

Engine replacement

  • When: If your windshield has a significant crack that goes more than halfway deep into the glass, is longer than the length of a dollar bill, or reaches the windshield’s outer edges
  • Price: $6,000 – $8,000
  • Why? Your car must have a functioning engine in order to run smoothly
  • DIY? No–take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to have an engine replacement

Windshield replacement

  • If: A significant crack in your windshield extends more than half way into the glass or reaches the windshield’s outer edges.
  • Cost: 100 to $400
  • Why? A cracked windshield can cause vision impairments and make driving dangerous.
  • DIY?  : Installing a windshield can be tricky and should only be done by professionals


  • When: If the paint on your car is peeling or discolored,
  • Price: $2,000 – $6,000
  • Why? Paint is essential to maintain your car’s structural integrity. It prevents corrosion and rust, and can help increase your potential resale values
  • DIY?? Maybe, but a professional-looking job in paint requires special equipment, training and time


  • At: Between 80,000 and 150,000 Miles, it could start to fail.
  • Cost: ~$1800
  • Why? Your car’s transmission makes sure that the right amount of power is delivered to each wheel based on your car’s speed.
  • DIY? – Replacing a transmission is a time-consuming and difficult task. Take your vehicle to a professional for transmission repair

Finding cheap car insurance

It is more than a regular maintenance program that will ensure your Mercedes-Benz is well-maintained. To fully protect your Mercedes-Benz from any type of damage or trouble, it is a good idea to purchase a solid car policy.

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