Islam In China

 Islam In China

China had Muslims and Islam followers for centuries. The number of Muslims in China today is approximately 22 to 23 million, a small minority in a nation of 1.4 billion populace. Among them, the Hui and the Uighurs are considered the most prominent Muslim groups. Uighurs live in Xinjiang, but the Hui are spread around the nation. Islam is an officially and legally approved religion in China. Article 36 of the Chinese Constitution clearly allows following religious beliefs and “normal religious activity” for Muslims in China. The Religion Islam is practiced freely by the Muslims in China. There is not any sort of restriction on them. Islam is a religion that is followed by many people residing in China without any fear. The Muslims in China are legally allowed to practice their religion.  

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Muslims live in mostly all parts of China, but the majority numbers are found in Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, and Yunnan. Xinjiang has the most significant number of Muslims in China. Half of the people residing there are Muslims. Other provinces where Muslims are found are Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, etc. The Hui people are considered the largest group of Muslims in China, followed by the Uyghurs. The Hui and Uyghur group have about 90% of the total Muslim population in China. Get the idea from Languages Tutor.


Masjid or mosque is the location of worship for Muslims. It is a holy place where Muslims perform their prayers and other religious activities. The Muslim men mostly go to Masjid or Mosque to offer their 5 times prayers. Friday prayers are also performed in all the Masjids of China as Friday is considered the most important day of the whole week. The mosques in China were formed in Tang Dynasty. Recent studies have shown that there are about 20,000 mosques in China in today’s times. The four famous and oldest mosques in are Huai sheng Mosque, Qingjing Mosque, Zhenjiao Mosque, and Libai Mosque. Some mosques in are built according to Islamic architectural design, while others are designed according to traditional Chinese architecture. 


Halal food means the food permissible to eat by Islamic laws and principles as there are some food and drinks which are not allowed in Islam like pork, alcoholic drinks, and meat of some animals. Many restaurants in have started selling Halal food for the Islamic community. The Muslims in can find Halal food in many parts of . Eating halal food in is affordable and is authentic at the same time. Chinese Muslims have their own cuisines that can be found almost in all parts of .  


The whole Muslim community in believes and practices in the same Islamic culture, like praying and celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan, but how many prayers they offer in the mosque and how they follow Islam varies. The practices related to marriage and funeral rites are primarily standard in Uighur areas and are considered as their cultural heritage. Some Muslim women in go to Mosques to offer prayers, while in some parts, they don’t go to the mosque for religious activities. Rather than go to each other’s house and perform their religious deeds there. Though many Muslims dwell in , their way of following Islam is different from each other. Learn Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies Online from the comfort of your home with Native Arab Tutors at affordable fees.


The Muslims in China have all the freedom to celebrate their holy festivals. As there are many people in China who are following Islam, they also celebrate Islamic festivals. The main Islamic festivals are Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitr. Eids in China are celebrated wholeheartedly by Chinese Muslims. They do all the customs regarding these special days. The Muslim men go to Mosques early morning and spend the whole day with family and friends. It is also said that Eid Ul Fitr is the biggest festival for the Hui people. It has two different names in : “Da Erde” and “Xiao Erde.”  For more detail :



Religion Islam is spreading day by day in also. The number of Muslims is also increasing as they have the freedom to follow Islam without any restrictions. Even many Muslims from China go for Hajj, which is considered the Holy Pilgrimage in Islam, which shows the acceptance of Islam and Muslims in China.  

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