Kanury Rao’s Research About Cancer Detection Technology

 Kanury Rao’s Research About Cancer Detection Technology

Medical problems such as cancer can destroy the normal tissues in the body. These tissues can be important for maintaining the routine function of the body. Cancer, when not detected on time, can lead to unimaginable conditions for an individual. The earlier the detection is made, the better chances there can be to limit such conditions. If only it was easy to detect it, then an enormous number of lives would have been easily saved. Bringing in a twist, Kanury Rao’s recent research aims to make this detection easier.

The immunologist is of the opinion that multiple types of cancer can be identified at an earlier stage and provide individuals the chance to get treatment soon. Speaking of these types of cancer, particularly seen in female patients, Mr. Rao shares that millions of cases can emerge across countries. Half of these cases may only result in deaths. Breast cancer can be at the top of the types.

When the overall number of cases is looked at, around 25 percent of these can be related to breast cancer. The cases of cervical cancer can be less compared to this one. Even then, Kanury Rao has said that the number can be alarming and exist in lacs. Endometrial, uterine, ovarian, etc., can be other types of this illness that women may be vulnerable to.

Aiming to bring down the numbers, the immunologist from India has explained that detecting it at the earliest can be significant. This technology has been developed through a synchronized platform. As of now, it is capable of identifying cancers specific to women. At the earliest stage, they can be checked for.

Developing this technology may have been an arduous task. What is interesting is that its functioning lets the individuals easily get tested. In the beginning, some drops of blood can be taken. The fluid contains molecule metabolites. They are analyzed under a high-level resolution. In the process, an artificial algorithm plays a role in figuring the patterns in the fluid that can relate to that of cancer.

A noteworthy thing about this cancer detection technology is that it can require a single test to show the results. Prior to making this technology available for the masses, Kanury Rao considered it proper to test its performance. Hence, he adopted the use of a double-blind study. It has shown excellent accuracy equivalent to 98 percent.

Another thing to note is that in the study, the samples used were of women from different countries. Thus, it can be said that Mr. Rao’s research can be of use to individuals not specific to only one country. At present, in India, the application of the technology is being checked.

This research can be useful for people who fear the development of cancer in their bodies. This is not the only problem that it will be solving. Medical professionals have found it more challenging to treat the patients in later stages than in the earlier ones. Life expectancy may also not be high when a later stage has been reached. Therefore, doctors will be able to treat more patients and may even make the best possible utilization of the technology.

The widening of the scope of this technology can be a part of the proceeding developments in the future. As of now, it can be a relief for women to expect better lives with its applicability. With the simplicity of being tested, saving more lives can be one of the goals achieved. Thus, the future of a massive chunk of patients may no longer be unknown.

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