Keep Your Restaurant Germ-Free Even On A Busy Day

 Keep Your Restaurant Germ-Free Even On A Busy Day

Because of the pandemic, every restaurant and the public place was asked to be closed for a while. It was the longest time that they had to follow all the rules and regulations announced by the government to stay on the safe side. Restaurants started to provide takeaway and delivery services they had to make sure that the place is clean and free of viruses. 

After a very long time of lockdown now the restaurants have started their services and a few covid 19 restrictions have been called off. There are a number of things that need to be given importance like starting new protocols for health, boosting staff, and working on techniques to manage the behavior of the customers. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow in your workspace to make sure that the restaurant is maintained well even when the space is filled with customers:

Be on the top list of fundamentals:

It may sound to you like common sense, but it gets very easy for a person to get back to normal life and forget about all the rules of sanitation and cleanliness. One of the best ways to remind customers about being on the safe side is to have signs of hand wash around so they are reminded to wash their hands for 20 seconds and kill the germs of coronavirus. 

Keep the floor clean:

You do provide sanitizers at the entrance, but it is important that you even think of the floors. The floor is the spot where the virus stays for the longest. You can get a Waterhog mat placed as it will keep the floor hygienic, dry and safe. You can purchase yours at the best price and quality from ultimate mats.

Start to use the rule of social distancing: 

This step can be a little hard to follow in a sit-down restaurant because it asks the owners to reduce the number in the seating arrangement. It is better if the tables are arranged in a way that there is a distance of 6 feet between two tables so that the rule of social distancing is applied in the right manner.

It also means that there should be changes in the positioning of the chairs so that there is the right distance between the customers and is safe for them. To prevent table drift you can use masking tapes on the floor according to the new positioning. This will also help customers to keep the chair in the right place and not move it around. 

Have an idea out of the box:

Certain retailers have got creative thinking to prevent this kind of problem. You can hire a guard that stands at the entrance and checks the body temperature of each person that enters your restaurant. Anyone with an unusual temperature would not be allowed to enter the place. You can start taking cashless payments so that there is no touch with a customer.

You can provide the silverware with the food and not have them placed on the table. Providing a PPT kit for workers, who wait around the customer for service is also a great option. 

Keep your restaurant clean and safe for customers and staff by following these easy steps. 

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