Keyword density and link quality for SEO

 Keyword density and link quality for SEO

SEO means good planning and a strategic action plan for a higher ranking in search results. You can’t do something hard and get away with it. It’s not recommended, the search engines will get you, and your visitors probably won’t buy from you – especially if your site has content that has nothing to do with their problems or goals.

Instead, don’t look for dubious SEO tactics that can get your site banned from search engines. If you want to improve your investments in a systematic and proven way, stick to the basics. And the basics of search engine optimization backlinks packages are pretty simple. Let’s start with the first basics of search engine optimization:

1) Good keyword density

“Keyword Density” shows how many times your web page has the main keyword you’re trying to rank for. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is spam your entire page with a specific keyword. This is called “keyword stuffing” and search engines know how to use this terrible tactic.

If you think you can escape keywords by hiding your keywords in a large block of text…usually hidden in white text on a white background…you are seriously mistaken. Search engines like Google are smart. Very skilled. It is designed and built by expert engineers above the questionable practices of many people who cheat Google. Click here

But don’t. Keep your keyword density around 3%.

 This means that for every 100 words on your page, the main keyword (or keywords) should be entered 3 times. This is great because it lets the search engines know what your site is about while maintaining integrity and it also makes it clear to your page visitors that your article is relevant. Here are some other SEO basics:

2) Quality links

The more quality backlinks you get back to your site, the better. This means that your site has something of value that people will like and link to. The search engines will pick it up, see which links lead to you, and over time… it will increase your page’s rank and ranking in search results.

One way to get good backlinks is to submit your site to a large online directory called “DMOZ”. Between this and the Yahoo directories, it is very important to have your website listed in these two directories. Today, you can certainly list your website information in online directories that are common on the internet, but most require a fee…

I hope you develop your site to consider automatic deployment.

 Don’t give up, give your website time to develop and add quality content to your website. Soon you will see your value rise slowly but surely. For more information visit our website

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