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About Us:-

Kiwi food is a well-established name in the food industry. Located in Tronica City, Ghaziabad the organization was established in 2004. The organization has scaled great heights and has been a leader in the industry. Currently headed by Harshit Agarwal, the organization is a 22000:2005 ISO certified organization. It manufactures a wide array of products such as Chips, Snacks and Confectionery. Quality and ethics are the pillars of the organization and to ensure the same, they have strict checks in place both pre and post-production.

Apart from being a renowned manufacturer of chips, snacks and confectionery, Kiwi Foods a is one of the best organizations to work for. Its employee-centric values and policies help you to shape your career and also provides a learning platform. The organization governs the whole of the North India market in terms of snacks, chips and confectionery production. The production process at Kiwi foods involves no human intervention, if there is any it’s under strict supervision. The raw materials go through fine quality checks, before processing and similarly, the finished goods are also checked thoroughly post-processing. Currently, Kiwi foods operate 3 manufacturing units and the expansion further is in progress.

Kiwi food has been in the industry for a little over a decade now and throughout its tenure, product innovation has been the core of the organization. The products manufactured are a great blend of innovation, health and taste. Compromise in work ethics, quality, and customer satisfaction and employee wellness are a strict no at Kiwi Foods. We at Kiwi foods consider our distributor to be one of our prime assets. They are our brand carriers and we constantly encourage them to invest in profit-making and long-lasting business.

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Our Products:-

Kiwi Foods has been the pioneer in the manufacturing of various food items such as Chips, Snacks and Confectionery. The list goes on as follows:-

Chips:-  Cream and Onion, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salted and Mast Masala are a few of the hot-selling chips at Kiwi Foods.

Snacks:- Fun Pop Tangy masala, Tana Tan, Fun Scoops, Fun pop pasta, Woogly, Fun pop pudina masala, Fu pop Khatta Meetha, Fun Alphabets, Fun pop chilly tomatoes and Fun pop Chowmein are some of the tangiest and exciting snacks.

Confectionery:-  Pop fizz, bomb blast, Eclairs, Browny, Fruity, Tango, Love Candy, Gulkand, Fruit and Milk are a few of the highest selling candies.


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