Know How to Maintain Menstrual Cup to Ensure Its Longer Use

 Know How to Maintain Menstrual Cup to Ensure Its Longer Use

If you have bought menstrual cup online in India for the first time, Congratulations! You finally thought of managing periods responsibly. Now, the next step is to learn how to maintain this organic cup. As a new user, you are quite likely to have some apprehensions about the product. After all, allowing any foreign item to enter you down there is not something to be taken lightly! So, here we are with tips on managing menstrual cup. Please read.

  • Process to Disinfect Menstrual Cup

A it is made of soft medical silicone. This material fits the vaginal cavity easily and collects the fluids right at the exit point. Also, there is a facility to vacate the cup and disinfect it for the next use. Here is a quick explanation of how to disinfect it.

Disinfecting a does not require an elaborate regime. When using for the first time, you can simply wash it with plain water. It helps you keep the organic cup material soft and allows easier inserting into the vaginal orifice. 

You can vacate the cup when you have used it for extended hours. And then again, after washing it thoroughly with water, you can make it fit for the next use.

The first time users may choose to soak it in boiled water too, though it is not necessary. The use of boiled water to disinfect the cup is a safe approach and may provide you an added peace of mind. There is no sanitization liquid needed for the process.

Once you have learned how to disinfect menstrual cup, you can learn about storing it safely next.

  • How to Store Menstrual Cup

To keep the safe to use for long, you must learn how to store it. The organic for menstrual fluids mostly comes to you in a sturdy packaging. Best approach is to preserve the product cover and keep inside it after use. You must keep it in some safer place where it does not get exposed to wear and tear or infectious materials to ensure its longer shelf-life. 

The sellers of online in India offer complete information on how to use and store this thing of hygiene. They may print the complete process on the product cover. You may also reach the customer service experts to clear your doubts. They also provide explanatory videos to help you understand everything about the use, disinfecting and storing of the menstrual cup.

Buying Menstrual Cup Online – A Quick Tip

You will find the menstrual cup online in two different sizes. Actually, the pelvic girth changes after delivering a baby. Therefore, the women are categorized as the user profiles at different stages of life. It may help you pick the product that suits your needs perfectly.

Summing up,

Learn how to disinfect the cup, storing procedure and usage to extract the best use of menstrual cups. You can extract most optimal use from this product by gathering these items of crucial information.

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