Know the Difference between Vocabulary and Pronunciation By Experts

 Know the Difference between Vocabulary and Pronunciation By Experts

Difference between Vocabulary and Pronunciation

The efficiency of assignment depends of the knowledge of vocabulary and its pronunciation. Know the difference in learning between vocabulary and pronunciation by the Assignment help experts.  

English is a highly preferable language in the world. When students pursue their higher education from abroad they are required to be familiar with the English language. Although learning English as a second language is not easy for students or learners. There are many elements like vocabulary, words, grammar, sentences, pronunciation, etc. included in the English language. Students have to command in English language and grasp their knowledge about all elements of the English language. It helps them in their academic writing, giving presentations, discussing their thoughts on a larger scale of people, learning various other things, and so on. It has a wider scope in all areas.  

Students often are given academic assignments for the purpose of increasing their learning in the subject and various skills. Writing skill is one of them that requires good knowledge of the English language. The assignment writing process mostly depends on the knowledge of vocabulary and its uses. Improper and limited knowledge of vocabulary can make your assignment dull.  

Hence, it is important to learn vocabulary as more as possible. For international students, it becomes difficult to learn new words easily because the first problem they face in learning vocabulary due to incorrect pronunciation. Although for writing the assignment they can take assignment help from the professional writing services, they have to improve their learning skills, especially in the English language. To make good command over the English language, students have to learn the vocabulary with appropriate pronunciation.  

What is Vocabulary? 

Vocabulary is a set of words in a language with that the people are familiar. It defines all the words known and used by a person at a stage of life and it continuously grows and evolves over time. A good vocabulary improves your comprehensive skills and further helps you to explore new words through reading.  

What Is Pronunciation? 

Pronunciation is a technique that defines how words are said in a way that can be easily understood by the listeners. It is an ability to use correct rhythm, stress, and syllables in spoken language. Good pronunciation helps a person to speak confidently in other languages.    

 Difference between Learning Vocabulary And Pronunciation  

Though the vocabulary and pronunciation are closely related to each other, there is some difference in their learning step. However, we discuss the basic difference between the learning of vocabulary and pronunciation in the language.   

Step To Improve Vocabulary? 

Reading is the best way to learn new words or vocabulary. Reading without understanding the words will not give you a good result of learning. So it is important to learn the vocabulary with proper understanding.  

One should make a habit of regular reading. While reading note down the new words coming in the paragraph and find all synonyms of words from the dictionary. Dictionary is the best resource for improving vocabulary. You need to learn the words from their root word. You can different books, novels, and want ever you want to read and focus on the words with that you are not familiar.  

Along with the reading, you also need to write every day. Make sentences using the words that you learn. After writing, proofread the sentences and edit this. It helps you to understand the word and its uses clearly.  

Step To Improve Pronunciation? 

There may be many diverse sounds in the English language. It varies according to the region and depending upon where you are living. However, the first step is to understand the local sound of the particular word. You should understand where you need to give the stress, use the rhythm, and so on to clearly pronounce the word.  

 Many words change with their emotions so you need to carefully listen to the words and notice how to speak. Good listening helps you to pronounce the word easily and perfectly. If any word is difficult to pronounce, break down these words into small syllables. It makes the word easy to pronounce.  

For practicing the English pronunciation, record your sound by reading loudly. It gives them clarity of sound and improves your pronunciation. Watching movies, news and videos are also the best way to improve pronunciation.  


Vocabulary and pronunciation are the important elements of the English language. Knowledge of vocabulary makes your English language better and pronunciation is the base of learning vocabulary. Take assignment writing help from a professional for your academic writing task.        

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