Know why josé trinidad marín is in news

 Know why josé trinidad marín is in news

Jose Trinidad Marin aka Trino Marin was famous not only for being the late singer Jenni Rivera’s husband but also for being the subject of one of the most heinous sexual abuse scandals in history. Jose was revealed to be sexually abusing his own daughters and sister-in-law after Jenni and Jose were married. Everything was revealed afterward, and he was sentenced to 31 years in prison, which is exactly what he deserved.

However, many Jenni fans and people who are aware of the story may want to know if this man is still in jail or if he is dead, as well as other details about him. So, in this essay, we’ll learn everything we know about this individual so far.

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin, and where did he come from?

josé trinidad marín was born in the Mexican city of Mexico on February 15, 1964. Before marrying American singer Jenni Rivera, he was almost unknown to the media and the rest of the world. Everything appeared to be fine, and Jenni was keeping her relationship a secret from the rest of the world, so there were no rumors or news about the couple at the time.

josé trinidad marín‘s ethnicity is Mexican, and his nationality is American-Mexican, as he was born in Mexico. He spent the majority of his childhood in Mexico, and his entire family eventually immigrated to the United States in search of a better life and the American dream.

josé trinidad marín’s prior life is almost unknown to us, and we have no information about where he lived, what he did for a living, or where he finished his studies. The only thing we know about this pair is that they met for the first time in high school while they were both in the same class.

Jose Trinidad’s Professional Life

After meeting Jenni, the couple began to date and later they began to date. As for josé trinidad marín‘s work, he did a variety of odd jobs to fund his needs before landing a job as a restaurant manager, where he began to earn a good living.

josé trinidad marín had been a highly restrictive and terrible character since he started working as a manager at a young age, forcing Jenni to not study and even not allowing her to go to work. But Jenni refuses, resulting in a battle between them, during which she was physically attacked by Jose.

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