Ladies Handbags Tips One Must Follow

 Ladies Handbags Tips One Must Follow

A Woman’s apparel is incomplete without a handbag; no matter how expensive or trendy our dress is, we will always need a handbag to complement our overall appeal. It is not just about the visual appeal, but handbags are also convenient as we can keep every little thing we need in our ladies’ bags. Many even say that people notice our handbags before anything else, including the dress or ornaments we are wearing. 

However, most of us are still yet to learn about handbags, such as buying the right handbag or even carrying the handbag in a classy manner. Therefore, here in this post, we will explore some less-known tips and suggestions about handbags that every woman must know. Hence let us get started without further ado.

  • Right Size Of A Hand Bag: The first thing that we will discuss is the right size of a handbag. People often tend to buy wrong-sized handbags just to follow a trend or maybe because their favorite celebrity had a similar handbag in her collection. However, sorry for bursting the bubble, but no matter how stylish or elegant a handbag might be, it will still look unappealing if it does not suit the person’s figure wearing it. 

Therefore, we recommend that women with short and petite figures opt for small-sized handbags to look better with the outfit. Also, women with a tall and slim figure must go for medium-sized or bulky handbags that will better complement their stature.

  • Handbags For Evening Wear: Suppose it is a nice weekend and we want to spend an amazing evening with our friends or even with someone special. But which handbag would be appropriate for such an occasion? Well, that depends on the type of outfit we are wearing. 

Say someone is wearing a backless gown or LBD, then a large-sized handbag would be the last thing anyone would want to see us carry. However, a clutch would be great for such an occasion and setup, resulting in an ideal evening. Clutches are awesome in many ways as they are trendy, sleek, and certainly fashionable. A clutch with a backless gown in the evening will undoubtedly set us apart from the crowd. 

  • Never Hang Your Handbag: We can all agree that most of us tend to hang our handbags on a hook or doorknob when we get home. However, this is something that we must refrain from doing as this can damage the structure of our handbags, ultimately resulting in ruining the handbag entirely with time. 

On top of that, hanging a handbag has other adverse consequences because gravity is powerful enough to distort the leather of our handbags completely. Now imagine going out and carrying a handbag with distorted leather. It does not look very trendy now, does it? Therefore, avoid hanging your handbags and place them on a shelf in an upright position. 

  • Holding A Handbag Appropriately: This is often a big dilemma for ladies as we can usually freak out thinking if we are maintaining our handbag appropriately. However, it is not very difficult to hold a handbag properly. For instance, we can hold it in one hand, and letting it fall from the side is an excellent way to carry bigger or heavier handbags. 

When standing in a crowded place, we can hold our handbag in one hand and bring it to the front to showcase mindfulness to others carrying it on their shoulders. We can also hold it with two hands when standing as this will feature a distinct look resembling celebrities.

  • Choosing The Right Color To Complement The Outfit: Most ladies have many different types and shades of handbags to find an appropriate one based on the occasion. However, it is probably easier to choose a handbag of the right size or right shape but finding the right color seems almost impossible sometimes. 

Therefore, we recommend that we buy handbags with dominant colors that will go with most of our outfits. We can also go for a plain mono-colored handbag based on the occasion. Also, we must not forget black-colored handbags as this is a neutral color that will never go out of fashion. The color combination of brown and white also looks great, but we must also wear an outfit that compliments both colors. 

Concluding Thoughts

Today there is no shortage of stylish and trendy handbags in the market. Therefore, we must not limit our choices to the market nearest to us but make some efforts and sift through different markets in the city known for featuring unique collections of handbags. Furthermore, we can even browse online through numerous eCommerce platforms and get our hands on something that would generally not be available in the local market.

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