Learn From The Best: Dr. Michael Oladiran

 Learn From The Best: Dr. Michael Oladiran

Situated in Melbourne are Dr. Michael Oladiran and his lovely family. He is an Australian-based general practitioner. He attended the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and graduated in 2006 as a degree holder in Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Michael Oladiran loves meeting new people of different backgrounds and views of life. With the opportunity to live outside Nigeria among different people and settings, he seized the opportunity of his charisma. He was able to secure an internship at the Sangre Grande Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago. He had to go through various rotations in gynecology, oncology, and general surgery. During his internship, he not only took rotations to practice. He worked with the hospital research team and was recognized for his outstanding partake in the emergence of the current trend of Human Immuno-deficiency Virus in Trinidad and Tobago. As one interested in skin lesion treatments, he was also involved in the research of Colorectal Cancer-Staging Management and Audit in 2011.

His thirst for knowledge was not quenched in his race to fulfilling his dream as a general practitioner. Rather, knowing his academic advancement is a key factor in achieving his career goals. He moved on to study at Western Kentucky University obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Health in 2012. This way, he not only expanded his knowledge but worked also on his social life. He was able to meet people in the United States which helped his communication skills in interacting and helping people. After his Master’s degree in the United States, he went back to Trinidad and Tobago. With a new and higher academic achievement, Dr. Michael Oladiran has risen above the rank of an intern, thus, to physically acknowledge his new rank, he was made to be a Senior House Officer at the Sangre Grande Hospital. This marked yet another milestone in his career to becoming quite the flourishing general practitioner he is. Working as a Senior House Officer was another whole new level, but as always, he was ready to face all challenges. Facing his work head-on, he worked through several more rotations in geriatrics, gynecology, and obstetrics to mention but a few. Asides from his daily rotations at the hospital, he also worked briefly as an assistant general practitioner and as an urgent caregiver in the Eastern Regional Health Authority and Arima Diagnostic Clinic respectively.

Once again setting out on his career chase, Dr. Michael Oladiran traveled to Australia where he adapted quickly to their way of life there. He was admitted into the most revered school for general practitioners- the Royal College of General Practitioners. Here, he was able to obtain a Fellowship from the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2016, finally becoming a General Practitioner in practice. Furthermore, he applied for a diploma at the Skin Cancer College obtaining a certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery in 2017. But being a general practitioner still did not limit his interest in other fields in the medical line. This is seen as he wholeheartedly cared for old people by applying his four years of study in geriatrics to life. He joined several facilities that provided social and clinical care for old people in his community. The first facility for old people he joined was the Aged Care GP in Melbourne, where he still currently render his marvelous services. Affiliated facilities to the Aged Care GP he joined are IPC Health in Wyndham Vale and IPC Health in Deer Park. He was able to cater to the clinical issues and recommend a social prescribing program to them to improve their social life.

Knowing Dr. Michael Oladiran’s career path without a bit of himself will be incomplete. He was born in Nigeria. Growing up in the Southwestern part of Nigeria, he passed through his basic formal education successfully. His native language is Yoruba, but he is also a fluent speaker of the English language. His journey through various countries across three continents acquainted him with other languages. Currently, now, he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two children where he practices his medical occupation. He also has his hobby of watching the news on world events, watching soccer and strolling the neighborhoods of Melbourne with his family.

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