Learn How To Repair Your Carpet – From Stains To Holes

 Learn How To Repair Your Carpet – From Stains To Holes

From accidental spills to high foot traffic areas, keeping your carpet clean and maintained is an arduous task.

Did you know that pet damages are the most common carpet damage in Perth? Further, even the tiny cherry from the cigarette can cause severe damage to the flooring. Fortunately, we have professional carpet repair Perth technicians who offer reliable carpet restretching services across Perth.

Apart from pet and cigarette damages, there are several other reasons, such as bleach, hard spills, rough scratches, furniture movement, spills, etc., that damage the carpeting.

You must be wondering what to do if you experience carpet damage? What is the best way to fix carpet repair in Perth? You can easily repair carpet holes using the carpet patching method. Carpet patch repair is the easiest method to repair carpeting in less time. You can use this method to repair various damages, including holes to stains.

Follow these easy fix carpet repair steps to restore your flooring to its original glory.

How To Repair A Hole In The Carpet

If you have come across a hole in the carpeting and it is in a visible area, do not cover it up with furniture or rug, fix it with the carpet patch repair method.

Carpet patching is the easiest technique to cover up small or big holes in the carpet. If you are planning to do it without professional fix carpet repair service Perth technicians, then follow these steps:

  • Use a dark marker or a pen to make a square or circle around the damaged spot.
  • Next, cut out the shape using a sharp utility knife or a carpet cutter.
  • Carefully remove the damaged area.
  • Cut a matching piece from the remnant carpet for the patch. Ensure that the patch has the same pattern/design as the affected spot. If you do not have spare carpet, you can harvest a patch from a well-hidden area, such as behind the cabinet or door.
  • Use the cut-out as a template to make the patch. Mark the carpet using a marker and cut it out.
  • Carefully apply double-sided tape into the hole.
  • Blend the new patch into the existing carpet. You can gently rub the carpet in the same direction using a carpet roller. You can even use a comb to brush the pile. Trim the uneven pile to make the patchwork uniform.

What To Do If You Have Pulls in Your Carpet

Notice a snag in the carpet. Learn how to fix it in 5 simple steps:

  • Trim the snag or pull
  • Gently push one side to make the gap visible.
  • Apply a small amount of glue into the gap.
  • Use a tip of a pen or other long thin tool to guide the snag back into the hole.
  • Avoid walking on the spot till it is dry.
  • Also, trim pet nails to prevent the issue from happening again!

How To Restore A Wet Carpet

Water is the most common enemy of carpet. Plus, it is essential to act fast to prevent mold growth and eliminate foul smells.

  • Assess the situation and try to remove the moisture
  • If the water is coming from sewage or underground water, then it is dangerous, and you should not go through the hassle of restoring it without a professional carpet restoration services provider.
  • If the water came from a broken pipe, you should treat the carpet once you stop the source of leakage.
  • It is best to restore carpet within 48 hours to prevent mould growth. You can use fans and humidifiers to disperse the moisture. Along with that, use a wet vac to dry the carpeting.

Want To Hire Professional Carpet Repair Service Perth?

After all, repairing or patching carpet is not as difficult as it seems. But, if you have expensive carpeting or are too attached to it, you should practice extra caution while restoring its look and feel.

If still, you are unsure of the carpet restoration work, then hire a reliable fix carpet repair Perth technician for carpet restoration services. When it comes to caring for your expensive carpets, you can always trust a professional. So, if you are looking for a carpet patch repair specialist, then get in touch with the nearest professional today!


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