How to Stay Healthy When You Learn Quran Online

 How to Stay Healthy When You Learn Quran Online

When students learn Quran online, they spend most of their time at home. Their motion is reduced due to online classes. They hardly get out of their comfort zones and become lazy. This sluggish behavior affects their studies and their mental and physical health. This article discusses these issues by examining how to stay healthy during online Quran classes. 

1-Schedule Your Time 

You must schedule your time. There must be an exact time for a few months, and you would probably focus on learning how to read, speak, listen and write Arabic. Your daily hours would be at least 5-6 hours per day, with weekends off. You wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on yourself by sitting down in front of devices like the computer for 10-12 hours. That’s not sustainable. It might cause me stress or demotivation if I don’t have time for anything else during those days.

2-Exercise Daily

 You must develop the habit of exercising daily. It’s entirely up to you whether it’s in the morning or the evening. A morning stroll and exercise are beneficial for all-day activity. The early air is a blessing from Allah SWT that keeps our minds calm and keeps our bodies active. It’s a fantastic routine to start the day that helps with other activities and serves as a great tool to aid our academics.

3-Be careful About Sleep Cycle-Rest Hours

During your online Quran classes, the perfect amount of sleep depends on your schedule. All students need to get enough sleep, but that becomes even more crucial for online students who spend more time staring at a screen than sleeping. A good night’s sleep is something you shouldn’t skip! You will also need to give yourself many rest slots in a day.

Healthy Activities

Qur’an is an essential part of a Muslim’s life, but it can be challenging to make time for Qur’an when juggling school or work. Because of that, online classes may be one of your best bets to make sure you still get as much out of learning the Qur’an as possible. Once you’ve enrolled in online Quran classes, there are several things you can do during your off-time. 

Here are some helpful tips. 

  1. Exercise daily.
  2. Meditate when you’re free.
  3. Read books about Islam
  4. Read news stories from around the world
  5. Write an Islamic poem 
  6. Listen to Islamic lectures on YouTube 
  7. Watch educational videos on art, science, history, and more! 

Take Healthy Diet

Having a strict diet is healthy during Online Quran classes. Most of our caloric intake comes from junk food, making us lethargic. Our work suffers as a result. We also have our health at risk of contracting diseases like diabetes and cholesterol, which can severely damage our lives both physically and spiritually. The best thing you can do is observe your diet when taking online courses to learn Quran online.

Start small by cutting down on caffeine, making you feel overly wired. You can always add coffee or energy drinks back into your diet later.

Study-Life Balance

Studying can often be stressful, especially if you don’t plan out your days carefully. But do not panic! Here are some tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while studying online. What activities should you do after studying Qur’an? That depends on what kind of person you are! Whatever your interests are, include them in your study routine so that learning stays fun and exciting!

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