Learn Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Brother Printer Isn’t Working Issue

 Learn Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Brother Printer Isn’t Working Issue

Are you struggling with the printer from Brother not responding? The most frequent error that may occur on mac and windows PC. Printers aren’t responding; error typically indicates an issue with communication. If you can instruct printing or scanning to your computer, the printer isn’t responding. Your computer creates the error message. In this blog, we’ll examine why Brother doesn’t react to windows PC and what you can do to solve Brother printer error state? If you’re currently unable to connect to the printer on your PC. Follow the below steps.

Why Does My Brother Printer Not Respond on Windows?

Most of the time, printers from Brother will not respond because of a communication issue. If the computer and printer are not communicating with each other, you’ll not be able to print or scan any document. It could be due to the following causes:

  • Printers and computers are not part of a network.
  • USB wire may not be working.
  • The driver of the printer cannot respond.
  • Your computer’s too slow.
  • Security software or firewalls are blocking the printer.
  • The firmware of the printer is not up to date.
  • Hardware issues with the device.

We now know the reason that my printer did not respond. This means it’s time to fix it on your Windows and Mac Pc.

How To Fix Brother Printer Not Responding Error On Windows 10 Or Windows 11 Computer?

Suppose Brother printer is in error on Windows 10 or 11. You should modify the following settings on Windows Mac and computer.

Step 1: Cancel All Print commands-

When you encounter the error message “Printer not responding” on your Windows computer, You must cancel all print commands in the queue.

  1. Double-click the print icon on the bottom of the taskbar.
  2. Right-Click on the Print-Job.
  3. Then click on the cancel button.
  4. After the print job has been removed from the table, you’ll need to take identical steps to terminate other employment.

Step 2: Power Cycle the Printer and Windows computer

After you have canceled the printing jobs on Windows PC, it’s time to reboot the computer. Therefore, you must start power cycling your devices using the following order.

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Remove the power cord from your printer. Please take a moment and then plug it back into. Turn on the printer. You must verify the power cord if the Brother printer doesn’t start.

Step 3: Check The USB Wire-

Using the Brother printer in Windows 10, use the USB wire. It would be best to inspect the wire thoroughly and verify that the Printer’s USB wire is in good condition.

  1. Connect the USB wire from the printer & computer. Wait for about a minute before reconnecting it.
  2. Connect the printer to the various USB slots on your PC.
  3. Make sure that the USB cord isn’t damaged. If it is it is, then you must replace it.
  4. Reboot the printer and your computer after changing the USB slot.

Step 4: Upgrade the USB driver

Sometimes, the printer isn’t responding on Windows 10 or 11 pc due to driver issues. If USB drivers aren’t working or they’re outdated. Your computer will not be able to communicate with your printer.

Then, it would help if you started the Device Manager on your PC and then updated your USB driver.

  1. Open the Run Window. (Press Window and R keys on the keyboard. ).
  2. Typ Devmgmt.msc inside the Run Box.
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. Expand The Universal Serial Controller Window.
  5. Click on it to open the USB driver.
  6. Select the driver to update.
  7. Select the Search Automatically For Updates option.

After your computer has updated the driver, hit the close button.

Step 5: Verify the wireless connection

If you’re using the Brother printer using wifi on your computer, it will not be able to respond when you print. It is essential to verify the connection. The printer or computer is often not connected to the same network. This is why you should examine the WIFI profile of the PC and Printer. In this case, you could also get the offline error on the printer of your brother. It is recommended to connect your printer and computer to the same network. Suppose the printer in your brother’s printer cannot join your WIFI network. You must change the settings of your network and then reconnect the printer via the WIFI.

Step 6: Optimize the Computer-

Suppose Windows PC is slow or infected with viruses on the computer. You could be dealing with the brother printer failing to work, and it is, therefore, essential to tidy up your PC to eliminate this issue.

  1. Uninstall unwanted applications from the PC.
  2. Cleanse the C Drive by using the command Cleanmgr.
  3. Now, scan the system files by using the command SFC/scannow.
  4. Scan your PC to eliminate this virus.
  5. Make sure you update your windows computer.

Step 7: Update the Printer Firmware-

Sometimes there are times when the Brother printer doesn’t respond due to a firmware issue. If you’re using an old version of the printer’s firmware, it isn’t working at maximum capacity. This is why you could encounter the printer from Brother isn’t responding error.

  1. Connect the printer of your brother to your computer.
  2. Download and start the Brother Firmware Updater Tool.
  3. Choose your firmware.
  4. Click on the Install button.

Step 8: Uninstall The Brother Printer –

If you’ve tried the steps above, your Brother printer doesn’t respond to windows computers. There may be an issue with the driver for the printer. Therefore, you must remove the Brother printer driver from your computer. Install the new brother driver for the printer.

  1. Open the Run Window.
  2. Type Appwiz.cpl
  3. Click on the OK button.
  4. Select the Brother printer.
  5. Click on the Uninstall.
  6. Press the Yes.

Step 9: Factory Reset the Printer-

After completing these steps, restoring the printer to factory settings is necessary if the Brother printer doesn’t respond when you use a Windows 10 PC.

  1. Turn for your Brother’s Printer.
  2. Go to Settings or set up.
  3. Click the button to reset.
  4. Click on the Ok.
  5. Select Restore Factory settings.
  6. Click the OK button.

This is why the Brother printers that won’t work on the Windows computer. I’m hoping that your printer will be able to print or scan the paper.

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