Let’s brew dark roasts better

 Let’s brew dark roasts better

Bitterness is a complex subject in terms of coffee and it becomes more complex when it comes to dark roast coffee. About dark roast coffee most people have a conception that it’s very bitter in taste and hence can never taste good. In this article, we will learn how to make it as delicious as the other variants. When it comes to roasting, people tend to divert more towards the lighter roasts, as that is more about taste. Light roast in comparison to dark roast coffee usually has a more fruity kind of taste and is much more aromatic.

When you roast coffee, the longer you roast it the more acidic content is degraded out of it and the more bitterness increases. This particular phenomenon also happens with all those things that consist of caramel. Initially it is sweet but if you keep on roasting it, it eventually turns bitter and if you still keep roasting it will burn and then start to taste bad.

Coming back to roasting coffee, darker roasted coffee typically means roasting coffee to a point where you will begin to see oils on the surface of the beans. During roasting, lots of pressure builds up inside a coffee bean. This pressure at the initial stages causes the coffee bean to crack with a pop sound. The same process continues when you keep roasting followed by a second crack,a second release of pressure. During this entire process the same phenomenon continues multiple times. This is why darker roasts look much oiler on the outside as compared to lighter roasts.

Now, one of the most challenging parts about dark roast coffee is that this longer roasting process gives you extra porous coffee beans. You can literally feel them when you crush them with your fingers. In comparison to crushing a light roast, it is much easier to crush a dark roast coffee beans .Now, being more porous exposes it to more air and hence dark roasted coffee stales much faster.

Pro tip:

When brewing dark roast coffee, pay attention to freshness more than ever. With light roast coffee, you would always see recommendations of buying it fresh , de-gas it for 3-6 weeks before consuming. But with dark roast coffee everything is a bit accelerated. Ofcourse, they would de gas faster but they would have more amount of CO2 produced.

However, once you start to brew you will start observing stale flavors much sooner than you see with lighter roasts. So, the best possible time to consume dark roast coffee is to use it after 2-3 weeks of resting it. They are still perfectly consumable beyond that point too, but then you may not get what you paid for.


When it comes to the coffee business, everyone wants to enjoy it fresh and just a little more. Keeping in mind the above facts about dark roast coffee, you can always get the best taste out of it, the taste which is more rich, tempting and fulfilling.

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