Let’s Know about the Founder of BCN Development

 Let’s Know about the Founder of BCN Development

Craig Nassi is a New York native who grew up in the city. He has brought a wealth of distinct styles, cultures, and possibilities to his ventures as a real estate developer. His enthusiasm found a place in both education and exceptional design. He went to college in Colorado because he was passionate about education.

Education of Craig Nassi

Craig Nassi enrolled in Colorado State University situated in Fort Collins. He received his bachelor’s degree in education from this institution. Mr. Nassi started to teach in the Denver Public School system while pursuing his Master’s degree in education, driven by a desire to educate the future generation. For several years, he loved doing it, yet he discovered himself yearning to gratify his artistic urges as well.

Craig Nassi started studying for his real estate license whilst in Colorado. He started small, taking on a project home and transforming it into something cherished and respected by many. This drove his desire to seek projects that would result in luxury multi-family houses and communities.

Craig, on the other hand, was a cutting-edge development vision with plans far greater than this marketplace could support. He eventually realized that the greatest way to expand to match his development ambition was to come back to the fast-paced market of New York.

The Emergence of BCN Development or Craig Nassi

Craig Nassi is the creator and owner of BCN Development today. The company is indeed a real estate developer with a concentration on property development in New York City. His passion for his city and everything it has to offer keeps him on the lookout for new and exciting ventures. BCN Development has grown to be one of the city’s most well-recognized development agencies thanks to its ambition.

Mr. Nassi founded BCN Development after quickly assembling and engaging a talented team of professionals. BCN set out to fill the need for premium high-rise dwellings in downtown Denver with this motivated team of seasoned experts.

The inevitable happened; in 2001-2002, he was named “Ernest and Young, Best Developer” by his peers for The Belvedere Tower, his first finished high rise. This asset was also awarded the Development of the Year award. To know Craig Nassi Net worth, you can search online. 

Personal Life 

Craig Nassi can be seen with his wife and family in his little spare time. He can be spotted preparing for marathons as well as triathlons during the marathon season. He follows a balanced diet and performs yoga. Craig likes to ski whenever he can during the winter.

Once, he said in an interview that his family keeps him motivated and he is always eager to develop magnificent structures, adding to the landscape of the New York City skyline.


Craig Nassi is passionate about beautiful architecture and design. He appreciates being at the forefront of high-end design. He is also committed to living a healthy lifestyle, enjoys participating in sports activities, practices yoga, and is a marathon runner.

Craig Nassi has created a flourishing home development company since 1993. BCN Development has a diverse portfolio of residential projects in major cities across the United States. His one-of-a-kind creations altered the city’s appearance.

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