List of Top 10 Equity Research Companies

 List of Top 10 Equity Research Companies

List of Top 10 Equity Research Companies

Equity research companies analyse their clients’ financials, forecast the financial future through modelling, conduct ratio analysis and explore various scenarios’ correlation to the stock market. They provide in-depth analysis reports to help clients make sound investment decisions.

There are several companies that offer high-quality equity research facilities. Their goal is to help investors make good economic decisions and maximise returns with a high-yielding portfolio. Let us go through the profiles of some of the leaders of the equity research business.

1. Acuity Knowledge Partners

Founded in 2002, Acuity Knowledge Partners offers customized research and analysis solutions to clients from all over the world. Its equity research analysts work alongside global investment managers and research analysts to help find new investment opportunities. The team combines alternative data, technology and ESG expertise to deliver insights specific to a number of sectors. 

2. JP Morgan Chases and Co

If you are seeking equity research, JP Morgan Chases and Cois a name you cannot miss. Established in 1900, it is the sixth largest bank in the world. Its position gives it access to an extensive knowledge base and a comprehensive understanding of global markets. Its size helps it weather any market fluctuations.

3. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s most reputed equity research companies. It generates 16% of its revenues from lending and investment accounts. Its highly reputed equity research team helps clients take crucial financial decisions in an effective manner. Goldman Sach’s Global Investment Research division provides fundamental analysis of the fixed income, equity, currency and commodities markets. 

4. Credit Suisse

With a global reach across more than 50 countries, this Switzerland-based company takes a measured approach towards wealth management in emerging markets. Credit Suisse uses thematic research and analysis to deliver value to its clients through its investment banking, asset management, shared services group and private banking divisions. 

5. Bank of America Merrill Lynch 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch serves a wide range of clients, including individuals and governments. Its data analytics team provides objective and in-depth insights to help clients make informed investing decisions. It uses social media monitoring, third-party data sets and customised surveys along with technical analysis and hedging strategies to steer better decision-making. Its global equity research covers more than 3000 companies in 24 industries across markets. 

6. Citigroup

Ever since its merger with Travelers Group in 1998, Citigroup has been growing its US treasury securities business. Its Citi Research group delivers economic and geographic insights based on equity and fixed income research, market analysis and product-focus analysis reports. Its services help clients navigate global markets with conviction. 

7. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, established in 1935, operates more than 1,300 offices across 40 countries. Its operating units are investment management, wealth management and institutional securities group. Morgan Stanley’s equity research provides in-depth analysis on companies, markets, industries and world economies.

8. Barclays Capital

This London-headquartered company provides services to companies, institutions and governments worldwide. It is well-versed in risk management strategies and offers specialised and personalised insights that deliver strong and sustainable results. With over 140 senior analysts, Barclays covers more than 1500 stocks across eleven industries, thanks to its advanced data science capabilities. 

9. AllianceBernstein L. P. 

This global asset management company offers independent research portfolio strategies alongside equity research. Quantitative tools used by its analysts help improve forecast accuracy, allowing portfolio managers to create better-yielding portfolios. Its goal is to provide custom-made and packaged investment solutions to clients.

10. UBS

UBS is a Switzerland-based global financial organisation providing investment banking, wealth management and asset management services to individuals as well as institutional and corporate clients. The investment bank offers global, regional and country wise investment strategies based on market trends. It offers tailor-made reports based on clients’ needs.

Equity research facilities offered by these top providers give you a strong understanding of the industry and its behaviour. Understanding economic patterns helps you make sound investment decisions and earn better returns. High-quality equity research offered by these providers guarantees better portfolio management, while a diversified set of assets help you negotiate stock market fluctuations better.

11. Kailash Concepts Research

Kailash Concepts Research (KCR) is a US-based equity research firm which utilises a combination of quantitative and fundamental approach to deliver credible insights to institutional-investor clients. Their research team consists of expert fund managers with academic pedigree and decade-long experience in asset management which thus enable the firm to deliver cutting-edge service offering in the market. KCR provides unprecedented quantamental tool kits helping investors make rational decisions. They share comprehensive insights on a wide array of subjects including controversial events recorded in history such as The Enron Scandal, Sun Microsystems Downfall, and many more. 

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