Do Log Cabins Appreciate In Value?

 Do Log Cabins Appreciate In Value?

Oregon Forest Modern Log Cabin

The short answer is “yes when they are treated well.” Even log cabins that are somewhat abused, can appreciate in a sellers’ market. Experts provide some tips for keeping your log cabin’s value up or keeping ahead of the market in the best and worst of economies. Most of them are simple while others take some annual work. 

As one author has said, “begin with the end in mind.” When you build with high-quality log siding, stain, and wood preservative, you have the best opportunity of holding and gaining value over time. Log cabins are gaining in popularity and this trend is not slowing down. Add that as the third factor to boost log cabin appreciation and building in a desirable location is another. When it comes time to sell, your buyer should have no problem financing the purchase of your log cabin.

Log Cabin Appreciation Is Best realized When Built with High-Quality Siding 

Buyers of existing log homes want to be assured they are built with high-quality materials that will last and look great as long as they plan to live there. High-quality pine and cedar log siding have several benefits over full round or squared logs you should take note of:

  • These 2 woods are less subject to shrinkage and expansion than some other woods. This characteristic prevents major cracks, excessive log settling, and multiple chinking over time.
  • Lower-quality building materials, even log siding, will show flaws sooner and later.
  • Tongue and groove siding with the end-matching design creates tight seals and corner joints that require less care.

Construct your log cabin with the best pine or cedar log siding for the best long-term results. 

Keep Your Home Well Maintained to Boost Log Cabin Appreciation

Just like keeping your car well maintained inside and out, keeping your home well maintained will boost its resale value and lengthen its life. Here are some ideas for maintaining it:

Outside – Apply high-quality stain and wood preservative from day one. Reapply these materials according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will maintain the logs’ beauty and integrity for years to come.

Inside – Add high-quality stain and preservative to your siding, paneling, door, and window frames. Put a heavy and durable coat of finish on your wood floors. Protect yours, by putting quality pads under furniture and non-scratching floor mats inside each entry door. 

Log Cabins Are More Popular Than Ever

According to AIArchitect, log home popularity is booming. Their research reveals that more than 30,000 log homes and cabins are built each year in the U.S. and:

  • There are more than 550,000 log homes and cabins in the U.S. as of 11/17/2006. (The number is much higher now.)
  • Log homes and cabins account for 9% of custom homes.
  • Baby boomers are buying log cabins and homes as their primary residences away from city life, especially in large cities.
  • Sales are up 50% over the mid-1980s.

What more can we say? Americans love them and want to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle in log cabins and log homes.

Build Yours In a Desirable Area for Resale Value

Even beautiful and quality-built log cabins can lose value in undesirable neighborhoods. It pays to be selective and purchase a lot in a desirable area for building maximum equity and resale value. Here are some ‘dos’ when choosing an area:

  • Do avoid a busy street or road where traffic and noise are issues
  • Do avoid building too close to community gathering places
  • Do locate in an area other than one with several foreclosed homes
  • Do avoid building near multi-family housing or other rentals
  • Do build in an area that is free from crime and shabbiness

When it comes time to sell, the appraiser will look at your area and adjust the cabin’s value accordingly. More positives will increase its value!

Where Should You Buy Log Cabin Building Materials?  

If you are like most of us, time is a limited commodity and you do not have time to shop store-to-store. The solution is to purchase high-quality building materials online, including:

  • Log siding, trim, and corner systems
  • Paneling and interior trim
  • Pine flooring and interior doors
  • Stairs and railing
  • Posts and post beams
  • Half log mantels

The Log Home Shoppe is your one-stop for all these hand-inspected materials and more.


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