Logitech Keyboard and Mouse – Is it Good to Work?

Choosing the best computer accessories to do your job is always a challenge. However, when opting for kits from the same brand, everything becomes easier and finding out if the keyboard and mouse with LogiTech software are good to work with falls into that context.

It is worth noting that there are a plethora of Logitech keyboard and mouse models. In this article, we’ll cover just that, looking at whether they’re good to work with – and how you can get the best ones for your office. Come on?

Logitech: is it a good brand?

First, let’s talk about the Logitech brand. Many may not know it, but it is one of the main ones we find in our domestic market.

It has a mix of products with LogiTech software, whether keyboards, mice, among other components, offering variety and adapting to the taste of each consumer. It has good ratings on websites specializing in information technology.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at the work-focused Logitech keyboard and mouse.

MK line: variety and professionalism

Logitech has a line with a kit of two accessories made-to-measure for those who want to carry out their professional tasks in a simple, direct way and which has several options: the MK line, which adds both the mouse and the keyboard.

Among the main ones, we can highlight the more conventional line, for those who want to know Logitech without putting aside good accessories:

  • MK 120 USB Wired Black: Affordable for all classes of workers, this kit is an option for anyone looking to get their first experience with Logitech;
  • MK 220 cordless black: For those who want to spend little and not bother with wires, this is a great option. It has characteristics similar to the MK 120 (even in price), being ideal for those who no longer want to worry about that messy wiring in a computer;
  • MK 235 wireless black USB: Another one-off option to upgrade and get rid of wires to work. With a connection network of up to 10 meters, it is one of the ‘darlings’ that opt ​​for the best cost-benefit ratio. Still, like the examples we’ve brought here, it has a three-year warranty.

A line with higher values ​​should also be highlighted, but which has great features for those who want to have .

Top-notch components on their computer:

  • MK 345: A good option that stands out for its durable battery, an affordable price and a series of technical features, such as its ergonomics;
  • MK 470: For those who want a more compact option, but without losing quality, this keyboard and mouse kit can be a very interesting tool;
  • MK 540: Great in security matters, mainly to prevent liquids from spoiling your keyboard, for example. It is recommended for those who want to keep the accessories fixed, as it is a little bigger than the ‘conventional’ ones;
  • MK 850: The most expensive on our list, this model is a great option for those who are already familiar with Logitech software and can use all its features (such as simultaneous connection to three devices), with a sophistication of the market leaders.

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