Logitech Lightspeed Vs. Logitech G502 Hero- What Is the Difference?

Modern and advanced mice have developed an aggressive look, RGB lighting, and sharp edges. This type of mice generally provides impressive performance in responsiveness and sensitivity. 

Additionally, you will find one scrolling wheel, two classic buttons, and a few more buttons on the side, unlike the regular one. Here, we are going to share the difference between two popular mice, the Logitech lightspeed and G502 Hero, to help you purchase. 

Comparison Between Lightspeed Vs. G502 Hero

A computer mouse is a significant component of a PC. Hence, its design and features keep changing to make them convenient while playing games. Modern and advanced mice now feature RGB lightning, which has become popular among players. 

However, whenever we talk about parts of computers, the name Logitech pops up in our head since it is one of the most popular and leading companies that build computer peripherals. We will compare Logitech G502 Hero and Logitech Lightspeed below to spot the significant difference between the two. 

  • Size

Both the mice have come up with different sizes but share the same grip width. If you have more extensive hands, then you barely feel any difference. Though, the Lightspeed is smaller than the G502 Hero. 

  • Weight

Both of them have a heavy weight. You can add more weight if you wish to per your requirements. So, if we compare the weight between the two, then G502 Hero weighs 170 g, and the importance of the Lightspeed is 173 g. So, in terms of weight, Lightspeed is heavier than the G502 Hero.

  • Portability

Generally, wired mice provide more connection reliability because it comes with USB cables. But, wired mice are not the ideal option for those who have to change their position very often. Here, the G502 Hero is a wired mouse, while the Lightspeed is a wireless mouse. Hence, the Lightspeed is more portable than the G502 Hero.

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  • Price

When it comes to price, then the Logitech G502 Hero is more affordable than the Logitech Lightspeed, which costs you double. But it is not worth the price since the features of Lightspeed are almost the same as the G502 Hero. So, there is no point in investing double money in this. If you are fond of wireless mice and don’t have budget issues, go for the one.

  • Sensor and Performance

Both of them have come up with the same sensor, which is Hero 25k. This sensor offers a smoother performance with excellent efficiency. However, sensitivity is one of the prominent performance indicators generally measured in dots-per-inch or DPI. 

It determines how often you need your mouse to move the cursor. On average, a good mouse generally offers 1000 DPI. The DPI of the Logitech Lightspeed and G502 Hero mainly ranges from 100 to 25,600 CPI. So, there is no difference in DPI.


Choosing the mouse between the two depends entirely on your requirements. So, you can opt for the G502 Hero if you want an affordable wired mouse. But, if you’re going to try the new wireless technology and do not have any budget problems, then go for the Logitech Lightspeed model. 

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