Lux Vacation Resorts What Members Have to Say

 Lux Vacation Resorts What Members Have to Say

Beautiful Llano de Cortes Falls, Costa Rica.

Lux Vacation Resorts is a private member-based club with resorts located worldwide. But what do members have to say? Are they happy? Or do they wish they never joined this private members-based club?

Here is the Truth about Lux Vacation Resorts

Most members have agreed that the Lux membership has many things to offer. If you want to compare a vacation on the internet with a hotel at one destination and look at the price, it might not seem like a bargain initially.

However, as they search further and look at the details, the internet choice is often a simple hotel room facing a wall or a parking lot. With no additional amenities and extra resort fees and taxes, this is closer to the reality of what internet sites are offering consumers. They may appear cheaper at first glance, but at what cost.

The bottom line withLux Vacation Resorts is you are simply getting or comparing the same type of vacation. Stuck in a room with no view while in the city is one thing, but a beach view in a destination like Cancun is an entirely different story.

Why People Are Choosing Lux Vacation Resorts

The main reason people choose Lux Vacation Resorts is the quality and pricing of upscale condos. Most Lux members are not looking for a simple room. They want a second home. This means it has a kitchen and a separate bedroom or bedrooms, and a spacious living room. This is not on the internet, as some might suggest.

Many Lux members want the same as what is at home or better. With better upscale ocean views and stunning vistas. This gives for a better vacation experience. Having a kitchen to make a sandwich or, in many cases, many Americans and Canadians are on diets to have children with picky eating habits.

The benefit of using a gourmet kitchen is priceless. So when you ask why they choose Lux, the answer is simple they want a more upscale vacation for the same price as the hotel or motel price. The condos can cost upwards of 350 per night. Yet many members say they get prices that are a fraction of that cost.

So the answer is clear for those who want more for less, and it is always the same. Because a Ford Focus is cheap but not the same ride as a Lexus. However, if the Lexus cost you the same as the Ford Focus, you would jump at the deal, right?

It seems most Lux Vacations Resorts are in the Lexus category.

So, in summary, you can see the value of joining a private member travel organization as Lux Vacation Resorts can offer. It boils down to traveling the Lexus way for the price of a Ford Focus.

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