Making money online with Snapchat? Now it is possible!

 Making money online with Snapchat? Now it is possible!

Finally it is possible to start making money online with another social network , Snapchat . Today we will show you how all this is possible …

What is Snapchat ?

Snapchat is an application for smartphones and tablets , which has been popular for several months, especially among young people.

It is based on the ability to send instant messages such as photos, chats and videos, with the particularity of self-destructing in seconds.

Born in 2011, but paved the way for advertisers since 2014, the company is now worth $ 18 million.

Who is the influencer ?

Thanks to Social Networks such as Facebook , Twitter and Instagram you can promote products and services thanks to influencers .

This figure, at the basis of today’s marketing , is represented by a famous person and does not influence his friends or followers in exchange for a sum of money established with a specific distribution company.

How? Through his photos, videos, posts and specific tags , in which he recommends trying and using a product. It is referral marketing , that is a sort of very effective “word of mouth 2.0”, both for the influencer who can earn 10,000 euros online in a month; but also for the company, because it invests minimum capital with a good economic return.

How to make money online with Snapchat?

Unlike Instagram, for example, you cannot insert links , like , comment and share, but you can manually add writings, drawings, and special effects on photos and videos created by you.

And, therefore, you can add names, accounts that you have to sponsor, or links to various sites.

Obviously, the latter are not active, but if the user is really interested he can search for the product by searching on Google and maybe buy it.

Additionally, you can create a video or snap , in which you invite your followers to visit a specific page.

It is also common to create a promotional code, a coupon , or an ad hoc discount voucher to monitor how many users actually buy the product.

What are essential values ​​to be successful on Snapchat?

At the base there are two determining factors for success on Snapchat are: the score you are assigned, represented by the interactions, and the views you get, or how many people see your post, photo, or video.

Thanks to these two values, advertisers hire an influencer rather than another; but above all, the higher the views and the score, the higher the consideration in terms of money.

Since it is not visible to others, companies often ask the individual influencer to send a screenshot from their smartphone , in which the two values ​​are displayed.

Often several influencers with thousands of followers on Instagram , also get great results on Snapchat .

Are thousands of followers needed to earn?

It depends on what you sponsor. If, for example, you have to sponsor a niche product or service, with a highly specific target , even 2000 followers may be enough .

It is important to know that thanks also to the novelty effect, the potential of this social network in great and continuous growth is enormous. Especially in Italy, the market is still very young.

Do not miss this additional opportunity to make money online.


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