Making Sure Every Vehicle Looks and Feels Brand New

 Making Sure Every Vehicle Looks and Feels Brand New

Maintaining a home is almost like maintaining a vehicle. There is lots of time spent in a vehicle, why not treat it right? Steam Clean Car Wash Oakville is the perfect place to pamper your vehicle from front to back, in and out. Offering a range of extensive packages for those who like a basic thorough and detailed clean, and those who like more of an in-depth intensive detailing done. With over 12 years of hands-on experience, Car Detailing Oakville has been leading the charge on automotive detailing done right. Each vehicle is meant to feel as though it was being driven off a dealership lot for the first time. 

There is much more involved in automotive detailing than some would think. Vehicles can collect dust, dirt, grime and germs in the smallest of spaces. Some that are very difficult to reach, and some that should only be handled by a professional such as engine cleaning. Some of the specific areas of focus for customers needing automotive detailing can include waxing, paint sealant, waterless engine shampoo, fabric protection, pet hair removal, buffing & polishing and headlight restoration.

In addition to standard and high-quality automotive detailing, Steam Clean Car Wash Oakville offers ceramic coatings. This product is engineered for extreme durability, and protection for painted automotive surfaces. Protecting vehicles with this coating acts as a gloss which protects the paint from U.V and heat damage, chemical resistance, environmental objects, and washing. Other reasons customers decide to choose this type of ceramic coating, is because it is extremely durable and hydrophobic. 

Call today to book your next automotive detailing appointment, as every vehicle deserves to be loved and well taken care of. Visit the website at to learn more about the Car Detailing Oakville team and to purchase a package that could restore and increase the longevity of your vehicle. 

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