Mars Transit Aquarius 2022

For Aquarius natives, Mars rules their third house, which influences their communication, short travel, and friends. It also rules their tenth house, which is about karma. This transit Mars will take their second house in ownership and influence their wealth, family, property, and education.

The location of Mars will make your work more in the office. This will also ensure your success in the future, however. There might be people building conspiracy against you; you need to be careful at the workplace.

Your finances might also be in trouble due to the rising expenses. You might not be able to save much, therefore. However, it is possible to keep a budget and cut down all the unnecessary things. If you have any bad habits, you need to let them go.

It is advised that you practice decency in your speech while talking to your parents. Mars might make you irritable that will make you bitter at times. Remember to handle things patiently and talk calmly to avoid arguments.

Students need to work harder and devote more time since many obstacles will be on their path. The same would make them academically weak, which they have to fight against. Only when you are attentive enough and have a strong grasp on subjects can you succeed in academic performance.

Some eye-related problems might be there. Hence you are advised to stay away from polluted places and decrease your screen time.

Remedy: Plant a neem tree at your home and take care of it. This will ensure your financial abundance.


Mars holds the ownership of the second house, which is the natives’ wealth and family. It also owns their ninth house, which is about their father and luck. During the mars transit, Mars will head over their rising sign; this also makes a raj yoga, bringing them positive results.

The Mars energy might also make you a bit short-tempered and easily irritable. You should hence learn to respond instead of reacting. Petite things should not bother you; only spend your energy on important things. 

You will also want to stay close to your family and spend more time with them. You will also want to do things for them and see them happy. However, harsh words can bring people to a distance from you. Try to be sweet in your words and think again before speaking something harsh that can hurt the other person.

Luck will be on your side, and hence all your efforts will be answered. Some inheritance from your father’s side might make its way to you. You might also get it in the form of cash. Your business will flourish well, and you will receive more monetary benefits. Businessmen will have a noticeable growth as positive results of the transit. Your name and fame will increase, and more prospects will find their way toward you. 

Also, if you are looking for expansion of your business or want to enter the market, this is a favorable time for the same. Those who want to switch their jobs or career can do so.

Remedy: Carry a piece of copper in your wallet or keep a red handkerchief in your pocket.

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