Medical ID Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know

 Medical ID Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know

A medical ID jewelry is a small possession that can save your life when in a critical condition. The jewelry should be engraved with important information that can help first responders. In case of a medical emergency, providing crucial information to first responders or medical professionals could save your life.

Professionals in the medical field are trained to check medical ID jewelry on children, patients showing signs of mental illness or dementia, and incapacitated or unconscious patients.

How Do You Get a Medical ID Jewelry?

Notably, a prescription from a doctor is not a requirement to buy or wear a medical ID bracelet. You can purchase custom-engraved medical ID bracelets from one of many online dealers.

You can also cover the costs with your health insurance if you are armed with a prescription from a doctor. Even if you don’t plan to send a claim to your insurance, consult your doctor for guidance. 

Who Should Wear a Medical ID Jewelry?

There are no existing restrictions on who should or shouldn’t wear a medical ID necklace or bracelet.Anyone who feels that the jewelry adds to their safety and security should go ahead and get one. Simply put, if you have good medical grounds, you need to wear medical ID jewelry.

Medical jewelry is especially vital if a responder can use it to make quick and precise decisions during an emergency. It is also very important if it could potentially change or improve the course of your care or treatment.

You need medical jewelry if:

  • You are on medication (prescription or OTC) that is likely to affect or be affected by pain relievers or anesthesia.
  • You have an existing medical condition that is likely to affect or be affected by medical procedures such as surgery.
  • You have medical implants in your body that might put you at risk during procedures such as X-ray and MRI.
  • You are on regular or daily medications that you cannot go without, for instance medication for managing seizures, mental conditions, or diabetes.
  • You are at risk of experiencing an allergic reaction to certain food products or medications.

How Do You Choose a Medical ID Jewelry?

Medical ID bracelets are not going to serve their purpose if you don’t wear them. It is therefore important to choose jewelry that you will be comfortable wearing all the time. The jewelry should blend in with your dressing or any other jewelry that you wear on a regular basis. Your choice should not obstruct or affect your movements or any other physical activity.

Furthermore, a medical ID necklace or bracelet should be made of a material that does not affect your skin. The best choice will be durable and won’t be affected by sunlight or water. You should be able to wear it comfortably in the shower or when swimming. Medical ID jewelry is only as good as the usefulness of the information on it. The information you want to engrave on the jewelry should also determine your choice. For instance, your jewelry should be large enough to accommodate as much critical information about you as possible.

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