Abortion – What You Should Know About Abortion in Dubai

 Abortion – What You Should Know About Abortion in Dubai

Abortion – What You Should Know About Abortion

An abortion is a terminations of pregnancy. This process has other names, for example induced abortion, termination of pregnancy, or termination of pregnancy by pill Medicine for abortion in Dubai. However, some terms obscure what an abortion is really about, namely an irreversible killing process, which ought to be properly called prenatal infanticide.

Every year up to 56.3 million children around the world are aborted before birth – roughly the size of the population of South Africa. This makes abortion by far the leading cause of death in the world and four times more common than death from heart disease. In UAE alone, 400 children die every working day, which corresponds to around 100,000 children per year says “Medicine for abortion in Dubai.

What is the ALfA eV position on abortion?

For us, human dignity is the overriding principle for our actions and for every social order. Every person has the same human dignity through their existence – regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, place of residence, size, age or condition. This is what it says in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Article 6).

From this principle it can be deduce that every person also has the right to his or her life. All other rights should be subordinate to it, otherwise no just society is possible. Thus, the solution to a pregnancy conflict does not lie in abortion, as this disregards the child’s human dignity. Instead, a solution must be found with which the mother can cope with her problems, the child does not have to die and thereby no trauma is trigger in the mother. Only that is consistent and fair in the sense of the human dignity anchor in the Basic Law. Abortions at center Medicine for abortion in Dubai can therefore neither be allow nor socially accept and are certainly not part of women’s rights.

Will Abortions Be Legal Soon?

Especially in countries with unsafe abortion methods, where women and girls are at high risk, international organizations such as the “International Plan Parenthood Federation” (IPPF) advocate establishing abortion as a women’s right and making it “legal and safe” in all countries ” close.

On the other hand, there are more and more efforts to silence all groups and associations (such as the ALfA eV) that are commit to life and unborn children. An example of this is the Ban Miles, which prohibit initiatives such as 40 Days for Life from publicly praying for women in the vicinity of abortion facilities.

With over 11,000 members, ALfA eV has been advocating human rights from conception to death and pregnant women in need for decades. And will continue to do so. More and more people, who are concern about this development or who are affect themselves. Stand up and publicly stand up for the right to the life of all people. One example of this is the “ Medicine for abortion in Dubai ” that has been taking place in Dubai since 2002.

Can a doctor refuse an abortion?

A major topic for the future will be the freedom of conscience of working people . Whether a gynecologist at Get abortion pills in Dubai may refuse to participate in an abortion. Euthanasia or pre-implantation diagnosis (PGD) (such as 70% of gynecologists in South Tyrol). So far, the decisive factor has been the human conscience, which has also been refer to as “conscientious objection”. This term is to be rename “dishonorable disobedience” (dishonorable disobedience), whereby doctors can be force to cooperate.

Can a Doctor Promote Abortion?

So far, there has been an advertising ban on abortions in Dubai. So that a doctor is not allow to advertise services in this area. On this basis, the doctor Kristina Hänel was sentence to a fine by the regional court in Giessen because. On request, she sent a pdf file with her address. In which she consistently refer to the unborn child as “pregnancy tissue” and “fruit sac”. An abortion as legal and no evidence of possible post-abortion syndrome (PAS) was found. Ms. Hänel is currently suing the last instance against her conviction before the Federal Constitutional Court. In order to achieve an abolition of the advertising ban for abortions. The party Die Link again (March 2021) present a bill to abolish all regulations. Reference Get abortion pills in Dubai.

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