How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Helps to Attract More Customer?

 How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Helps to Attract More Customer?

Retain and attract more customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

In the modernized business environment, it is important for organizations to attract new customers and retain the old ones. When it comes to targeting your customers, you must have insights into your customer’s needs and preferences. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is such a tool that can help you attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Let’s look into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers helps to better understand your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer data platform available as part of subscription service. The platform provides you capabilities that help you understand who your customers are and how they engage with your brand. Major highlight of this customer tool is that it integrates data that resides in various sources. It brings together transactional data, behavior data and demographic data.

In short, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integrates and analyzes data from various data sources including your marketing channels to provide a complete view of each customer.

The fact is that your data is scattered across a range of systems. It can include your CRM system, web analytics tool, social media management software, marketing automation solution and so. As these tools are managed by independent vendors, it may not integrate well and end up in a costly affair.

If you could integrate the data from these sources in a single platform, you can gain more insights to drive sales, and business growth. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights brings together the data under a single platform.

If you want to take advantage of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights along with your Dynamics 365 CRM, you can seek expert guidance from experienced Microsoft Partners. Their Dynamics 365 consultants will provide solutions that best matches your business needs and help you get the most from your customer data. If your business is in any of the Middle East, Asian or African countries, get the support from reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.

How Dynamics 365 Customer Insight helps you achieve your goals?

As mentioned, this Customer Data Platform (CDP) from Microsoft collects data from various marketing channels and then interprets the data with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The end result is a platform that contains a complete view of your customers. This understanding of customers can be better utilized to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Sales, marketing and customer service departments can access this platform and use the view to better target them. Create personalized marketing campaigns and activities relevant to each customer and engage personally, helping to boost customer satisfaction and retention rate. Not only does it help to boost sales and marketing efforts but it can also speed up your customer service efforts as well.

With Customer insights, you can identify customer trends, make better business decisions, manage inventory, and improve products and services.

Dynamics 365 capabilities that helps you with customer retention

Audience insights is a capability of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights that help you better understand your customers. This capability connects customer data   from various sources and creates a unified view.

It brings together multiple identities of customers from across various marketing touch points using AI-powered identity resolution. This helps you to accurately identify who your customers are.

Microsoft audience intelligence enables you to understand customer’s needs, preferences and interests. With these insights your sales, marketing and customer service teams can personalize engagement across channels and boost customer retention.       

Sales, marketing, and customer service teams can use up-to-date data in Microsoft 365 and apps like Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. This helps your teams to strengthen customer interaction. Also, they can act on customer feedback and signals to retain customers.

You can attract customers with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and define new customer segments of similar interest customers. Combine your customer data with operational or financial data using Microsoft Power BI and Azure analytics. This helps you get an in-depth understanding of your customers.

Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can turn your data into insights to deliver personalized customer experiences and improve sales and growth. With deep understanding, you can improve relationships, retain and bring in more customers to your business.

You can integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing or Dynamics 365 Customer Service app to deliver personalized experiences to customers. Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner can help you with the integration. To get the visual representation of data, connect your data with Microsoft Power BI. With interactive dashboards and reports everyone in your business can make informed decisions and take the next best step in sales and marketing.

To get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and Dynamics 365 apps, it makes sense to consult with an experienced Dynamics 365 partner, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India. Their experienced Dynamics 365 consultants can help you develop a solution that is in the best business interests.

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