Migrate a paper-based school to a School Management System

 Migrate a paper-based school to a School Management System

We have a great system, everything works well, so why should we switch to a school management system? So why consider moving? That’s a good point, but probably the wrong question. the system works well… but how much does it really cost you and could you do better and in some cases much, much better?

Resources: paper, file, warehouse;

The costs of paper, printing, and copying add up, not to mention the amount of manual maintenance required to keep data up-to-date and accurate. Official statistics on school paper use are hard to come by, but every school budget official says the cost of paper, printing and copying is considerable. Although the student information system will not eliminate everything, it will certainly help reduce costs in this area alone and perhaps adequately fund the use of the school management system.

Is your information really secure?

Dataa? but we are on paper, we do not store data. Whether in electronic or paper form, it is still data and it is your responsibility to keep it secure and up to date.

Where is everything stored and how is it kept up to date? In filing cabinets all over your school? In Word and Excel files? everyone’s email accounts? you get the idea. When student, employee, and parent information is everywhere, it’s possible to keep everything up to date, but it’s time-consuming and very error-prone.

School staff may also store sensitive medical and legal information on their own computers, much of it unexplained. Storing such data is almost impossible, so it is also impossible to know if it is secure. The school management system solves all of these at once.

Did you communicate…effectively?

Sure, you use email and a few other tools to communicate with your school community, that works, but how long does it take to organize and build a mailing list each time you need to report? The truth is, with a good school management system, you can quickly and easily send unlimited in-app messages and notifications about grades, behavior reports, school announcements, and more.

Acknowledgments become a seamless online workflow instead of a bunch of archiving and administration. Participation can be taken and saved with just a few clicks. With automatic scheduling, parent-teacher meetings become a simple process. Scorecards are generated automatically and are ready to be emailed to you. The list of improvements, savings and efficiencies goes on.

So the question is where to invest the savings you want by switching to a school management system? Definitely a good problem!
Of course, if you decide to switch, there are many aspects to consider when buying a school management software and a good service provider is essential. Luckily, we’ve also written a guide to help you out.


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