Mistakes to avoid while developing an E-commerce website

 Mistakes to avoid while developing an E-commerce website

The eCommerce business is flourishing like mushrooms across the world because of giving convenient shopping experience to the customers. This business grew multiple folds in the last few years and companies earn maximum profits with minimum investment.

It is very important to develop an attractive and robust e-Commerce website with engaging content to gather maximum traffic and hence boost conversions. For this, the e-commerce website design services ensure to avoid certain UX/UI design mistakes to save businesses from facing revenue losses or bankruptcy.

In this blog, you will learn what not to do while developing an e-commerce website and boost sales without much expenditure.

The list of UX/UI design blunders

The UX/UI design of an e-Commerce website plays an important role in bringing sales. The website developers need to run checks from time to time to fix the snags in time. Apart from fixing UI/UX design mistakes, it is equally important for the best web development services to make SEO friendly e-Commerce websites to spread brand awareness among the target audience at right time. Given below are the tips to find out the most common UI/UX design problems that are meant to be avoided.

Abandoned cart

The most common design fault in UI/UX that can be detected at first is by observing the status of a shopping cart. If there are shopping carts with items but customers did not finish buying those items and have left the cart abandoned that means some problems in UI/UX. Of course, many times customers leave carts abandoned by shortlisting items and keeping them in the cart to purchase later but UI/UX design faults at e-Commerce website is often the main reason behind this. Delay in loading of webpages related to payment, billing address, incomplete information about the products is few common reasons.

Bounce rate

The best web development services ensures minimizing the bounce rate of a website. Bounce rate is defined as the customers visiting a website end up viewing just one or two web pages and leaving a website. website speed, content integration, and visuals play a crucial role in correcting this problem. When it comes to e-Commerce the website needs to be developed in a way to curtail bounce rate to offer a good shopping experience.

Poor navigation

An E-Commerce website that helps customers in purchasing the products with minimum clicks sells more products and have a high conversion rate. For this, the navigation has to be as simple as it can be. Use sort and filter options on e-commerce websites to find the product easily and make final buying by moving from one page to another quickly.

Not using high-definition visuals

High-definition quality images and videos over an e-commerce website with good description engages the customers in finding and knowing all the details of the products and their usages. Poor quality images take a longer time to load, and low-quality content or product description often confuses the buyer. Therefore, the best web development services pay special attention to this aspect while building a website.

Missing FAQs

The search engines prefer to show the information that is given by the users. Such information is always loaded with keywords that help in improving the website ranking. Therefore a webpage with FAQs is must for an e-commerce website where visitors can get all the required information become a buyer.

Not using CTA

E-commerce web design services give primary importance to CTA on a website. CTA or call to action forces visitors to take action on a website either by buying or simply giving their contact information, downloading brochures, etc. It is a must that the CTA links should be made and placed strategically on a website without merging them with proceeding shopping or checkout options.

Complex checkout procedure

The best web development services focus on an easy checkout process by showing carts on every webpage, detailed product description, easy & secured multiple payment options, securing customer information, and showing the delivery date and shipping charges on e-commerce sites. This is necessary for all kinds of businesses having online stores. This not only helps in fetching necessary information from the customers but also making the whole shopping experience winsome and convenient to boost conversion rate.

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