Are Mobile Health Apps Beneficial – If So How?

 Are Mobile Health Apps Beneficial – If So How?

The mobile app market is growing exponentially, and the healthcare market’s mobile app share is rising steadily. After combining all the application stores online, a report stated that there are 325,000 plus healthcare apps globally. The figure is almost double compared to applications that were available just a couple of years ago. Furthermore, each day over 200 new health apps are being added to these app stores. Entrepreneurs, both start-ups and even major app developers, invest in building mobile health apps despite the fact that health apps cost more than developing other apps in the industry. 

The primary reason is that healthcare apps, when done correctly, offer good ROI and are in demand among the healthcare industry. Many hospitals and healthcare providers are looking to tie up with mobile and digital disruptors to develop customized mobile apps for their consumers. The venture proves to be beneficial for the hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers in getting more consumers for their service and easy management. 

When a healthcare service provider invests in a mobile health app, they can offer a better healthcare service to their consumers. The fact that the research done by Accenture Consultants pointed out that in the last two years, downloads of health apps have doubled showcases that people are finding the benefits of mobile health apps. 

So, if you want to work in developing apps, why not become part of the health apps sector, which is reported to have reached $58.8 billion in 2020. The figure had doubled from 2017 when the industry had about $25.39 billion. During the time of the study, it was also estimated that by 2020 the healthcare sector would be leading as the revenue contributor, where a considerable share will be based on mobile healthcare apps. 

Now let’s analyze a few more pointers as to why mobile health apps are beneficial apart from being a moneymaker for those investing in its development and the developers. 

Improved Patient Care 

It has been estimated that 80% of physicians use mobile app technology to offer patient care, 93% of doctors and caregivers are of the opinion mobile apps built for the industry can improve patient care and their overall health. An example like giving patients the option of accessing digitized prescriptions and having the reports digitized, which can be stored on the application, can be used immediately in case of an emergency because the ER can access this vital information in a blink of an eye, which can be a life-saver in cases.

Remote Areas – Not An Issue

Smartphones and devices now have reached almost every corner of the world, even the areas where proper healthcare facilities are unavailable. A healthcare app can be of enormous help to people of these areas to get an appropriate diagnosis and eventually treatment. Apps that have healthcare tips, other health information, and mainly telehealth apps can give them the option of consulting the doctors online and then getting the medicines online without having the hassle of traveling to a hospital a mile away. Irrespective of what the development of a health app cost is, it offers a load of benefits to the user. 

Patients’ Lives Made Easier 

Healthcare apps are now making the lives of patients much easier. Patients can now easily consult their doctors regularly online via video chats and process the fees online too. In case a diet plan is required, apps can help build a diet plan after consulting a dietician online. Apart from these, patients can find a specialist for their issues, schedule appointments quickly, have regular access to their medical reports online, purchase medicines, and refill their prescriptions regularly and automatically. 

The IoT Collaboration 

Many healthcare sectors are not tying up with IoT (Internet of Things) to develop a smarter and streamlined way to deliver their healthcare services to consumers. However, it is believed that by 2021 the IoT healthcare market will have a value of $136.8 million in the market. The figure is significant because it shows how important technology is becoming in healthcare. When the industry collaborates with IoT, the doctors, caregivers, and even the patients will be able to access the medical reports and medicines used, and the caregiver can access any monitor connected to the patient at any time from anywhere. The technology will also allow medical staff to maintain their stocks systematically without losing out on any. The entire process warrants cost-effectiveness for both the patients and the healthcare providers. 

Creating New Models For Businesses

With people using healthcare apps for staying in shape, weightless, tracking periods and ovulation, pregnancy care, and even elderly healthcare, new apps can be developed for new businesses. Developing such apps when digital information has become the vital way to stay relevant in the market also gives the providers a way to market themselves better. For example, medical staff can use the likes of ReferralMD to refer patients to another specialist or service with the help of a mobile app instead of the old-school practice. Such a cloud-based referral is not only easy to access and manage but is also immensely resourceful in upgrading and promoting one’s business. 

Ensuring Brand Value 

Last but not least, there is another business benefit in using mobile apps for healthcare. It not only reduces the overall expense for the patients with online consultations via telehealth since hospital consultation charges can be quite expensive. It also allows the caregivers and physicians a breather instead of getting overworked by attending to patients non-stop. All these factors add to the brand value of the healthcare provider. In addition, it improves the customer base along with loyalty when there is a push notification option for the user to stay up-to-date. 

There are several other benefits like the patient being able to personally monitor their well-being like blood pressure, heart rate, and such to ensure they are on the right track. 

On the whole!

Why not offer all these benefits to the healthcare sector and its consumers by developing a HIPAA compliant medical app. If you are worried about the health apps cost, contact us, the pro in the market, to give you the best price for developing a unique app that will provide you financial benefit as an entrepreneur and help you make your mark in the industry among the consumers. 

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