Mosquito Control: Tips on Mosquito Protection and Control

 Mosquito Control: Tips on Mosquito Protection and Control

Mosquito control is more than simply killing them when they invade your yard. In fact, there is nothing simple about killing mosquitoes because of the way they can hide in summer and breed in places you may never have thought about. You only have to consider the following mosquito breeding places to realize the immense problem you may have in eradicating them from your garden, yard or even your industrial premises.

Where do Mosquitoes Breed?

Mosquitoes breed in any still or stagnant water. They do not breed in running streams, but they do in pools, ponds and even bayous and other wetland habitats. It doesn’t take a great leap of common sense to then see that they will also breed in garden ponds, old tin cans, watering cans, blocked gutters, bird baths and any other places where water can collect and stagnate. Even stagnant groundwater around your trees can be a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Mosquito Protection: Long Island Tick And Mosquito Control

Here are a few tips on mosquito control that might prevent these vicious insects from terrorizing your yard when your children are playing or even when you are trying to enjoy a nice evening in summer or fall.

  • Check your entire yard for places where mosquitoes might breed: empty containers such as cans, buckets, watering cans, dog dishes and bird baths.
  • Check out any pools or ponds you have: these are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you have fish, then you should be OK because they will likely eat up all the larvae. Fish ponds are very rarely sources of mosquito larvae or wrigglers but ponds without fish certainly are!
  • Make sure your roof guttering is clean and not blocked with vegetation, and also check downpipes to ensure that they run free and there are no areas of stagnant water around the drains.
  • Check your shed for leaks: mosquitoes can lay eggs in small pools of water inside leaking sheds.
  • Carry out a survey around your entire yard to make sure that there are no obvious areas of standing water – beneath trees, at the side of paving or even small areas between the structure of your house (or any other building) and the earth. Just a very small area is enough for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Don’t forget the fountain! Many people with a fountain tend to turn it off in late summer, early fall, and that is when mosquitoes can lay their eggs in the still water.

You can likely see the common denominator in all the above mosquito control tips. It is that you should try to avoid any areas of still water anywhere in your yard, garden or even close to your home. If your neighbors are doing nothing to protect their own yard then you should let them know what should be done. Mosquitoes are not worried about where they breed – if you are having a barbecue with friends they will cross the fence and take advantage!

Ultimate Control of Mosquitoes

Sure, you can steps to prevent these pests from breeding around your home, but you cannot eliminate them entirely. They can breed next door in wetlands or ponds nearby. One of the most effective ways is to set up a mosquito misting system that sprays a mist of insecticide at preset times to protect you and your family. A mosquito misting system is extremely effective, particularly if preceded by spraying the entire yard and cleaning out any sources of standing water.

Mosquito Control Tips: Conclusion

Mosquito control is not easy, but if you follow these simple tips on mosquito protection then you will definitely minimize the problem. If you fail to eradicate it completely, then likely a professional mosquito control firm is your best solution. Mosquitoes are not just pests – they can also cause disease and meningitis in adults, but also particularly in children. You have a duty to your family to protect them and apply the most robust mosquito control systems you can find.

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