Most Common Summer Pests

 Most Common Summer Pests

As summer begins, a variety of insects descend like uninvited guests. From home kitchens and lawns to office rooms, this little creature can be seen everywhere. This seemingly small and worthless creature is extremely harmful. Because most of these contain poisonous fluid in their saliva. They can be present anywhere for any reason. But mostly they are more visible in food-rich, moisture, and shady areas. In addition to the financial loss, they also cause serious health damages. Because their saliva contains many diseases causing microbes. These diseases can range from minor skin infections to lethal malaria.

Precautions, DIY ideas, and various pest control sprays help you to restrict their entry into your place. Though a variety of different pesticides is available in the market, their use may cause serious side effects. In case of severe pest infestation, it’s crucial to contact professional pest control teams. 

To enhance your knowledge some common summer pests are listed here. It will help you to prevent or get rid of pest infestation. 


Approximately 3600 known species of mosquitoes are found in nature. These insects are found in abundance during the summer season. With a segmented body, a pair of wings, and 3 pairs of thin legs they closely resemble o small flies. The humid and hot climate of summer acts as a driving force to stimulate their reproductive cycle. They are mostly found over piles of waste and stagnant water. They lay eggs in the static water bodies. And rapidly increase their numbers. 

They suck human blood and transmit their poisonous saliva into the human body. They cause serious and in some cases fatal diseases. Because they contain dangerous pathogens including influenza virus, dengue virus, and malaria-causing microbes.

To prevent mosquito bites, avoid sleeping in open areas. Wear clothes with full sleeves. Apply anti-mosquito lotions over hands and feet. Elimination of water debris is very crucial to keep mosquitoes away. 


Spiders present a great variation in size, color and body shapes. They make their webs in the corners of homes or offices, in-wall holes or crevices, in plants, and on rooftops during the summer season. Because summer is the breeding season for spiders. They lay eggs and increase their numbers. Unhygienic conditions ensure the presence of spiders. Especially dusty, moist, and shady areas are the ideal places for spiders to make their webs and reproduce. These are poisonous insects, even some species are poisonous enough to cause death. Such as the black spider which is 15 times more poisonous than a rattlesnake.

Maintenance of hygienic conditions helps you to avoid spider infestation. Regular dusting and elimination of spider webs are essential to avoid spider infestation. Regular trimming and cutting of plants also play a vital role in the elimination of spider webs. 

Ticks and Termites 

As the summer begins the number of tiny insects such as ticks and termites is increasing greatly. Because it is the ideal season of breeding for a wide range of insects. Ticks are external blood-sucking parasites. They are mostly transmitted from pets, long shrubs, or grasses to mammals, and humans. The most dangerous aspect of ticks is they are hard to discover. Tick bites are painful but sometimes cause an allergic reaction. They cause serious diseases such as Lyme disease in humans and animals.

Termites closely resemble ants. They are wood-eating insects. And cause millions of dollars of property loss. Unhygienic conditions promote termite growth. Especially the planting areas with long grasses and bushes. 


About 10,000 known species of ants are found across the globe. These tiny creatures are so sharp that they can make their way to your kitchen and other areas despite all the hurdles. Open food, leftovers, fruit peels, and grains are the open invitation for ants infestation. Though they are not injurious to health but still cause many troubles. Proper cleaning of the kitchen, and food desks is the best way to get rid of ants. In severe cases, you can take assistance from pest control delta professionals. 

The Final Word 

Summer is the ideal season for almost all types of insects. Because it provides plenty of food and the best climate for reproduction. Maintenance of hygienic conditions and preventive measures are the best solution to avoid pest infestation.

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