Moving Houses The Smart Way: Tips for Ensuring An Easy Move

 Moving Houses The Smart Way: Tips for Ensuring An Easy Move

Moving to a new place can be very different. It is accompanied by sleepless nights, hours of planning, and a collection of moving supplies. All this hassle excludes the actual process of packing, loading, and unloading stuff. The anxiety of moving can never leave whether you do it for the first time or do it frequently.

Moving can be for many reasons; it could be moving to a new house, looking for better career opportunities, or downsizing. In either case, the process of moving remains hectic and stressful. With time, we have developed a list of moving tips that can make your moving process more manageable.

  1. Start Early

This is, so far, the most important tip for making a smooth move. You cannot leave everything to the last minute. Remember, even two weeks are not enough for moving to a new place. The process requires a lot of details that need your attention and time. Therefore, start at least a month before you intend to make a move. During this process, you will plan as well as move and settle in your new house. So, the timelines you create should include all these details and dates too.

  • Get Rid Of The Extra Stuff

Once you are through the planning stage, now is the time to see what needs the actual packing. Over the years, you might have accumulated a lot of stuff, some of which has no business going to a new house. So, you can rent a storage space in a facility to take care of the extra belongings. Remember you are renting a storage space to keep essential things but are not needed right now. For instance, if you temporarily move to a smaller house, you may not have the space to accommodate the extra furniture or vehicles. So, you can keep all these things in the storage unit. 

  • Plan Everything

Before you start with the packing stuff, plan all your moves. Clearly define the date when you will make the actual move, make a list of activities you will carry out during this process. You also need to see what supplies you need for moving to a new place. The planning phase should include all the details. So, you should give ample time to this process. Make sure to include the time when you will contact the mover company for transporting your belongings to the new place. The best way to wrap up the planning phase is to make a checklist of all the activities with the completion date.

  • Purge Your House

Once you have dealt with the essential yet extra stuff, you need to get rid of the unnecessary things and junk in the house. The point is that you cannot take what is not required in your new home. Open all your drawers and cupboard and deeply purge your house. Make piles of the stuff that you want to donate or sell.

You can send some of these things to your community charity. You can find all the contact details online. You can also contact them on their official social media page and inform them about your plan of donating your belongings. For the remaining unneeded things, you can organize a yard sale.

  • Start Packing From The Most Infrequently Used Room

Now you can start packing all the remaining stuff in your house. When you initiate packing, start from the corner of the room of the house that is most infrequently used. This is because you can stay without using this corner of the house for some time.

Apart from that, pack the most delicate stuff first. For instance, the art pieces and the fancy glass items and décor in the house need careful packing. Therefore, they are time-consuming; packing them at the start will prevent any damage because of hasty careless handling.

  • Use Blankets, Shirts, And Soft Linen To Protect Delicate Stuff

For packing, you need packing supplies too. Things such as cardboard boxes, bubbles wraps are required to pack all the items securely. However, you often have a lot of stuff in the house that you can use to save your money on many packing supplies. Instead of bubble wraps, you can use your shirts, towels, and linen to cushion the delicate stuff when packing them in cardboard boxes. This way, you pack two kinds of items, both linen, and fragile stuff. Use the same method when you pack kitchen items such as glasses and cups.

  • Label The Boxes

Do you want to rummage through all the boxes when looking for something? If not, you should label all the boxes from the top and sides. You can label according to the contents inside, such as clothe and the destination, such as kid’s room or master bedroom. When you label from all sides, you can readily identify the boxes. Besides, you will still know the destination, even when one of the sides gets affected during the transport.

  • Keep Children And Pets Away On A Moving Day

On a moving day, you need to be careful about the safety of your kids and pets. Ask your friends and family to help you with them. If your kids are of the age to help you with packing, include them in the process, and let them take care of their own stuff and pack. They will also unpack their own stuff upon reaching the new house.

  • Hire A Mover Company

Some people want to save time on packing and moving things, so they don’t hire a mover company. However, if you want an easy move, consider contacting the moving company. They will take and load all your stuff into the vehicle and unload them at the destination.

Moving can be very hassle-free if you have a list of best practices and tips to follow whenmoving.These tips should ensure you make a smart and easy move. From getting rid of the extra stuff to planning everything and purging your house, each tip can be very beneficial. The weight can be an issue, so purging the home can significantly impact your moving cost.


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