My theory of why people travel

 My theory of why people travel

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Many do it for pleasure, rest, escape, get inspired, see new things, do crazy things, learn a language, get to know other cultures, status, work, enjoy a few days in a different way, in short, to have a different experience. But how many actually do it to have time with themselves?

I have traveled many times; With friends, with friends, boyfriends, family, acquaintances, in a group, not so acquaintances, alone, to see friends, to marriages, for work, but this time it was just impulsive that I am, which turned out to be the best decision of my life, but without a doubt one of the most difficult moments of it.

Before leaving the trip, I was like any executive in Chile ;I had a good hit, a boyfriend, a house, a car, I went to the gym, I got together with my friends, I rode around and lived quietly, a rather routine life . But one day, after some things did not go as planned, (because my life was structured; and it was not fome, but I knew everything, but everything I was going to do in the next few months … pfft why !!) Well, I decided to give up my problem, I sold everything I had and left behind all the illusions of a life I had built and decided to leave without planning anything …

Difficult? Yes it was. It is feeling that everything is coming your way and you have to move on; you feel like a failure, but you are not made to die, you prefer to put your head up and move on, life is one and no one is going to live it for you. The vast majority tell you how delicious what you are going to do !! but deep down they think: the crazy mine !!! How is she going to leave everything and also go alone? Nobody dares to tell you things because we all live with this hypocrisy of speaking behind the back of the rest, but the truth is, I learned not to ignore that, if in the end it is my life and I decide how to spoil it or fix it every day. For this reason and others, it was easier to leave without anyone knowing, yes, just like that, like a vile fugitive.

Traveling is beautiful, it is entertaining, one does not have responsibilities, you only have to worry about looking for places that you like, eat delicious food, take a walk, sunbathe if you go to the beach and cultivate yourself if you go to a place with history … But they are totally wrong! Traveling is not only that; It is a stress for which you pay more , whether you take 1, 2 weeks or even several months traveling, because you feel obliged to do something, especially when the trip is for a short period of time. It’s like saying, “I have to go to the Colosseum because otherwise it’s as if I didn’t go to Rome”; it’s obvious!! But go because you want to go to the Colosseum, because you want to see those beautiful ruins and relive in one way or another all the history behind that place, feel that they are in the movie The Gladiator, or just because they once heard about it and are interested in knowing it.

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Why do we have that stupid thought “we have to” do something. [easy-tweet tweet = »Why not just enjoy the moment as if it were the last we are going to have, or enjoy it for the simple reason that it is a moment just for us»]

During the trip I met many people, most of them much younger than me, who took a sabbatical after finishing college or university, but generally they went pure taxiing and also did volunteer work at the end of the trip, to justify them to their parents the trip and the money, hahaha all those pendex that I met were a love, even though I am about 10 years older than them, I also carted and traveled with some, it is entertaining to realize the totally different mentality and way of life that they have, that they do all walk in a group, because more than fear, it is that need to share with someone what they live; How cute no?

I also met several people my age.It struck me that many of them had also given up their jobs, ultimately their lives, to start this adventure. Many did it to “meet” or understand what they wanted from life because what they had did not “fill” them . Many were single, separated, married, had suffered a disappointment in love, they did not like their work, they did not like their life, in short; they weren’t happy.In my case, I was happy, but I wanted more … insatiable as a friend I have! Not at all, I wanted to see and do different things, I did not feel and I have never done it, with that social pressure of because you are thirty-something, you have to: be married or have a boyfriend, have a good hit, have children, house, car In short, things that give you status and classify you in, but I don’t have them, not because I don’t want them, but because… because no more.

Well, I was able to steel myself and send everything to the crest and start this adventure … that’s how my priorities changed … I had been used to living a life for others, although enjoying each

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