6 Cute Nail Art Designs to Welcome Summer   

Actually, nail art is an innovative technique of decorating the nails with the help of nail paint, glitters and embellishments.  This creative artwork is done on the nails of the foot toe and hands. The very first thing to start the nail art is to clean the nails properly.  After cleaning the nails different designs are painted on the nails with the help of nail polish. Furthermore, if we talk about the history of nail art it belongs to ancient Egypt. The women of ancient Egypt used to dye their nails in different shades by using henna. However, presently it is considered one of the most elegant chunks of beauty treatments. After the invention of nail paint nail care industry start growing rapidly. Furthermore, the nail care industry although use marvelous nail polish packaging to attract women. After 2012 nail art become popular in the USA.  And nowadays the artwork on the nails becomes popular among women all over the world. Several decorating options for nail artwork is available that includes glitters, nail art pens, water marbling, adding accessories, piercing, stamping.  Let’s discuss all these designs one by one.

Six out of the crowd nail art works:

The following six designs are the popular nail art designs for summer

  1. Use of different creative nail paints:

There are some famous nail polish brands who launch new kinds of innovative nail paints that bestow the effects such as textures, holographic effect, velvet stars, crackle effect, thermochromic effect, and matte effect. All these effects are amazing and creative for nail art.  Textures usually contain microbeads that are sprinkled on the nail paint when it is wet. This would provide sand like texture on the nails. Next is the holographic effect gives a flashy rainbow effect to the nails. Thermo chronic nail paints have the ability to change color when exposing to heat and cold. All these effects enhance the appearance of your nail paints and give a stylish look. Furthermore, these designs are most liked by ladies for summer events.

  1. Glitters on the edges of nails:

Nail paint industry in addition to producing simple nail paints also makes glitter nail polishes that provide tremendous designing options. Some ladies used to apply different glitter colors on the edges of the nails with different nail paints. This design is simple and easy to apply without any extra effort but it also looks amazing on the nails. Simple designs always bestow an elegant expression to the nails.

  1. Stamping the nail with alluring color schemes:

Stamping is another designing option for the nails. For this already designed stamps are available in the markets. The first step of this design is to apply nail paint on the nails then different color nail paint is applied on the stamp. In the third step, the stamp is pushed on the nail. In this way, the design of the stamp appears on the nails. This design is famous among girls and by using the stamp small dolls and designs are easy to paint on nails. 

  1. Draw unique designs by nail art pen:

Nail art pen is a tool of drawing on the nails.  Currently, the demand o nail art pen increases because it is the easiest method of doing artwork on nails. By using nail art pen any design would be easily drawn on the small nails because of its small nib. This pen is filled with different colors of nail paint as per the requirement of the design.

  1. Marble color effect with water marbling:

Light color marbling effect is the coolest design that is also very popular among girls. Different shades of nail paints are added to the bow filled with water and then a small sharp stick is used to draw a pattern by mixing the nail paints. Then simply dip the nail in the center of the nail paint design that is made on the water. The design would automatically apply on the nails.

  1. Nail stickers of different colors and designs:

For newbies, nail stickers are the easiest way to design the nails. Just put any color of nail paint on the nails and then apply these stickers after the nail paint dries. Like watermelon stickers, rainbow stickers and different dolls are used for nail art designs to welcome the summer.

Nail paint brands require customized packaging solutions:

Nail paints are one of the eminent cosmetic product and need to be packed appropriately.  Different type of customized options of color schemes and designs are available for the custom nail polish boxes. These boxes pack the stuff and bestow luxurious outlook to the products.

The prior mentioned nail art designs are popular among the ladies. However, these specific colors and textures are used by women in the summer. Like the tie-dye and watermelon design on the nails show the summer season.

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