New Hobbies you Should Try Learning in your Spare Time

We all need ways to relax and decompress outside of our busy work lives, and trying out a new hobby is a great way to do just that. When considering a new hobby it can be difficult to decide what to decide, you may wish to think about your key strengths and interests, as well as your budget and how much time you have to share.

A new hobby should not feel like a chore or another big commitment in your life, but there is no harm in putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and developing new skills. In fact, this can help to develop your confidence and improve your wellbeing.

Here are a few popular hobbies that you might wish to try out. Each of these options can either be enjoyed solo or you can invite friends and family along to participate with you. New hobbies can also be a good way to socialise and meet new friends.


First up on the list in gaming. From board games and casino card games like those on 888 Casino to first person shooters and action titles on console, everyone can find games that suit their interests.

How can I get started with gaming?

Plenty of people game at home on Xbox consoles and Playstations, and these are great for high spec action, adventure and strategy games, as are gaming PCs. However, you don’t need to purchase a new device to get start with gaming, you can choose from thousands of games on your smartphone’s app store.

Or, why not go old-school and get out some board games? Regular board game nights with family or friends can be great fun.

To find the best games, either online or offline, you can read reviews, join clubs or online forums or ask around for recommendations.


If you would rather get out in the fresh air to do something productive in your free time, gardening is another great hobby to pick up. Planting out your borders and filling pots can help your yard look vibrant and cared for.

Planting fruits and vegetables could be a way to enjoy fresh organic food at home, it can be a labour of love and takes some learning to understand what to plant in which season for optimal growth.

If you don’t have a yard of your own, helping out at a community garden or getting an allotment are also options to consider. Even caring for the potted plants in your house or apartment can be a calming experience.


Whether it’s capturing happy moments with the people in your life or taking in the beautiful natural landscape, taking good photographs is a skill that is develop overtime with practice. More serious photographers may wish to invest in a professional DSLR camera with lenses, but you can get start by taking pictures on your smartphone.

Editing photographs can be done with photo editing software and apps too. Many local colleges and education centres offer evening photography classes and these are a great way to learn techniques and meet fellow photography enthusiasts.

This hobby could even earn you some extra cash if you can sell your best photographs on print or to photo websites such as Shuttershock. People are also willing to pay for photographers at events such as parties and offering this service is a great way to build up a portfolio.


If you are a creative individual with a good level of patience then learning calligraphy can be a satisfying way to spend some of your free time. Purchase a calligraphy book or find one at your local library, you don’t need to buy any special equipment to begin with, just a pencil and lined paper.

Start with basic strokes and practise the alphabet before moving on to more complex designs. There are group workshops to participate in and tonnes of free courses and tutorials to watch online.


Lastly, journaling is a hobby that can be therapeutic and encourages you to spend a few moments of your day on reflection. While a notebook is one option you can also journal from your laptop and sometimes typing can really help write in a stream of consciousness.

You can schedule some time into your day for journaling and if you’re stuck you can find journaling prompts online to help.

So, don’t put off trying something new, why not get start on a new hobby today?

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