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Entertainment is one of the world’s most lucrative activities. Each day, new and engaging technologies come to life to give people new ways to relax and pass their free time. One of the most popular activities is online gambling. A growing market that continually evolves, online gambling has become a mainstream form of entertainment. Casino Software Developers are the leaders of this revolution, and the best gaming software providers dictate the pace for each new development. Today dear readers, let’s take a look at some of the best casino software providers in the industry.

Best casino software developers


A gaming software development company established in 1999, in Estonia, by the hand of Teddy Sagi, Playtech obtained their first Casino license 2 years later. Their expansion has been incredible. Currently, besides being an online casino game provider, they also develop bingo games, Sports books, poker, and live game sessions. Playtech games are sophisticated, and developed with the utmost care by their programmers. They also boast great acceptance from clients and customers. Playtech owns over 300 games and has offices in 17 countries.


A British company that developed their first online casino software in 1994. 10 years later, Microgaming created their first mobile software. Currently, Microgaming develops products for poker, bingo, Sports bets, and more. The company uses high-end technology for each and every product they send to the market. Also, they offer a huge variety of games and the app can be downloaded both for Android and iOS. With over 850 games under their belt and many more in production, Microgaming has one of the longest and most varied game catalog on this list.


best Online casinosOne of the most easily recognizable companies for online casino operators, NetEnt was founded in 1996 by Pontus Lindwall. It is a Swedish company, with origins in the traditional casino business. In the year 2000, NetEnt launched their first online casino, beginning their history in the online casino metaverse. Some of the most popular games from the company include scratch cards, slot machines, roulette, video poker, Live casino sessions, and much more. As we’ve stated before, this company is one of the most well-known software developers due to the great quality and design of their products and original games. While having fewer games than other names on this list, with only 130, the quality and reception of those has been so positive that they have escalated to one of the top spots in casino software development.

Play’n Go

One of the relatively newest companies on the market, Play’n Go was founded in 2004. They offer a wide selection of professional products both for gambling and online entertainment. One of the strongest points for Play’n Go is their wide language variety, with over 30 different languages available for all of their games. The company always uses state-of-the-art technology for each product they develop. With over 85 games under their belt, ranging from poker games, slot machines, table games and scratch cards, Play’n Go has made the top spot with way less, both in time and products, than other software developers on this list.

NextGen Gaming

An independent gaming company founded in 1999, NextGen Gaming is well-known due to the quality of their casino games and their propensity for innovation. They offer solutions both for physical casino games and online versions. Their work is based on three fundamental pillars: attracting players with captivating and impressive games, entertaining the player, both before and during the game, and keeping the player through a gratifying experience, with visual elements and amazing sound. Widely known thanks to the quality of their graphics, NextGen Gaming has over 100 games under their belt.

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Sadly our space runs short for all the huge names that deserve a spot on this list. Big Time gaming, Evolution gaming, InterVision gaming, and many more are some of the names that are left out of the list not because they don’t deserve it, but because our allotted time and space falls short of what is completely necessary. We hope this list is just the beginning of an investigation from our readers on which are the best casino software providers in their own experience and opinion. We will see you next time, in the next article. Until then, gamble safely, win big and have fun.

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