New TikTok Features will Completely Revolutionize Shopify SEO Services

 New TikTok Features will Completely Revolutionize Shopify SEO Services

Shopify has been making the rounds lately with the recent announcement of a new partnership with TikTok that will allow users to perform in-app purchases. This has, of course, caused Shopify SEO Services providers and digital marketing agencies to start looking for ways to expand their scope of services.

The platform is especially popular among young audiences and has served to launch incredibly effective campaigns that resonate with millions of users who are ready to give their vote of confidence to brands who speak their language.

The new partnership will give creators more streamlined ways to grow their businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors. The platform´s short video format provides unique opportunities for ad placement in the form of mini infomercials that never get in the way of their user’s experience.

TikTok’s new features include options to tag products in organic posts, so users will be able to shop directly by tapping a tagged product in approved merchants’ videos. Shopify SEO experts will not only have to change their game plan to adapt their social media marketing campaigns to leverage these new channels. They must also be able to help Shopify websites be among the few select merchants allowed to try this feature.

A cautionary tale is what happened last year when Instagram started adopting shoppable posts as a revolutionary way to reduce purchase friction. In the beginning, many Shopify websites around the world were denied the chance to participate immediately. Many because they were located outside the US. For others, it was hard to keep their Instagram account in good standing with Facebook, as it sometimes involves a series of factors that are not evident for those new to the platform.

Fortunately, many Shopify SEO services started giving merchants a hand with the verification process, giving millions of merchants the opportunity to jump into the Instagram shoppable posts bandwagon. This propelled sales on the platform and gave merchants new ways to promote their products without having to resort to the old “link in bio” tactic.

We expect to see the same effect on TikTok as the new features roll out, although it does not seem to be as seamless as the Instagram version. The shopping tab they implemented earlier this year only takes users to a Shopify storefront. But we are sure we will see future attempts to eliminate this extra step to favor impulse buying in what seems to be the fastest-growing social media platform right now.

Shopify eCommerce businesses can’t help but include TikTok integration processes if they really want to stay ahead in the game. This new feature is currently available to select Shopify merchants in the US, UK, and Canada. But it will be gradually rolled out to additional regions in the coming weeks or months. We expect to see a surge in demand for TikTok integration from merchants who already have a presence in the platform or have an interest in reaching out to millions of potential buyers.

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