Nordic Walking poles in tests

 Nordic Walking poles in tests

Adjustable Nordic walking poles, foldable Nordic walking poles are also offered. 26 inch hybrid wheels these can be folded up after use to save space and are particularly easy to store. Keep in mind, however, that even here with rather cheap models there can be a certain loss of stability.

In terms of design, you can choose from many different variants. In addition to simple black Nordic walking poles, colorful variants are also offered. You can even buy golden models. More important than the design, however, is the material and the type of handle. The latter should be ergonomically shaped and made of a non-slip, breathable material. Haptically pleasant cork is often used here.

Hint: Also, pay attention to the range of accessories before making your choice. Many sticks are offered in a set with different attachments. A transport bag is also often included in the scope of delivery.

From which brands can you buy Nordic walking poles?

Nordic walking poles for women, men and children can be bought from different brands. Among the most popular among them are well-known sports supplies manufacturers such as:


Jack Wolfskin


Black Diamond




Nordic Walking pole test or comparison: The most important user questions and answers about Nordic Walking poles

Do you have further questions about Nordic Walking poles that are still open? At the end of our purchase advice, we will also answer these for you.

How to use Nordic walking poles correctly?

If you use Nordic walking poles for active hiking, the correct handling and execution of the movements is particularly important. This not only ensures that your fitness program brings the desired results, but also prevents injuries.

Ideally, you can take a corresponding course in which you will be taught the movement sequences by professional trainers. In principle, however, you should only consider the Nordic Walking poles as a guide.

It must be avoided to lean too much on the sticks or to repel yourself with their help. But even a too loose hold and a mere “grinding along” are not effective. Instead, use the poles to give you support – even on uneven and slippery surfaces – and to improve your posture.

The load on the heels should not be too high, the knees should not be stretched too much when stepping forward and you should also refrain from a too sweeping movement of the hip. The sticks can help you master the right technique quickly.

How much do Nordic walking poles cost?

Cheap Nordic walking poles are already available for between 15 and 25 euros. However, if you are looking for a very good, durable set and adjustable Nordic walking poles with different attachments, quality hand straps, and low weight, best kids mountain bike you should rather expect a price between 35 and 90 euros.

If you want to buy particularly high-quality, ultra-light Nordic walking poles with a large range of functions and accessories, you can even expect prices between 100 and 200 euros.

Where can you buy Nordic walking poles for women and men?

Nordic walking poles are available in sports supply stores, among others, where you can also find the right running shoes as well as other types of poles, including hiking poles and trekking poles.

In addition, some discounters, including Lidl and Aldi, occasionally offer the sticks as part of special promotions. However, if you are looking for a cheap set and still want to choose from the widest possible offer, online shopping could be more recommended for you. For example, use our comparison table to start your search.

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