NVIDIA Shield Tv For Playing And Streaming Your Best Games

If you are you looking for a new-generation tool for playing and streaming your games, you may seriously get interested in the new Nvidia Shield TV, a technology product based on the Android system. We all know that Nvidia is one of the world’s largest and most appreciated companies in the field of digital products, especially multimedia consoles for video games. Now, moving a step forward to digital TV is quite a simple business for Nvidia developers.

Nvidia Shield Tv Makes You Enjoy The Best PC And Online Games

Millions of Nvidia fans have been waiting for the new Android-based Nvidia Shield TV since the company’s first announcement. The new Nvidia Shield Tv is a multimedia console for playing multiple Nvidia shield apps directly on your Tv. The first Nvidia Tv console was released in the USA in 2015, but technological enhancements didn’t stop there. New generation updates feature an increased inbuilt memory on top of other integrated features, including the 500 GB Shield Pro hard disk or the micro SD card reader.

Behind the worldwide success of the Nvidia Shield Tv, there are several reasons. One of the most significant is that most gamers want to play their games on a larger screen to be more comfortable. This need comes especially with multiplayer games. But it seems that Middle Eastern gamers tend to choose this option for their best online games like PUBG and for their favorite online casino games, like slots and card games. A larger screen enables the gamer to feel more involved in the game and can keep focused for a longer time.

If this is your need, the Android Tv is what you have to get to enjoy and stream your games like a king. The Nvidia Shield Tv can also stream the Nvidia Shield apps (news apps, Tv updates, and more) on the screen of your home Tv.

Nvidia Best Apps And Games For Android TvNvidia Shield Tv

There’s a pretty extensive range of available Nvidia best apps to install on your Android Tv. We show you in our list below only the most relevant, but you can still find more:

  • Stream Link
    This option is the ideal product for all stream game fans. With Stream Link, you can play your favorite games nonstop on your Android Tv.
  • Google Chrome
    This is one of the world’s handiest apps. Google Chrome gets the latest news and information at your fingertips, so don’t miss this app!
  • Spotify
    For all music fans, Spotify is the answer: this app offers high-quality music that you can listen to through your Tv. It will make you say goodbye to listening to music on Youtube!

And if you are running out of ideas about the best games for Nvidia Shield, consider titles like Days to Die, BADLAND, Batman: Arkham Asylum, So Many Me, Homefront: The Revolution, and Absolver.

The Nvidia Shield is a gaming console with a bunch of games to play alone or with your friends. Another big news for all the casino enthusiasts is that the Nvidia Shield comes with an online casino site in it. You can try all the casino games for free, thanks to no deposit bonuses or 100% match deposit bonuses. Again, Middle Eastern gamers stand out for their passionate approach to real-money casino games through Android Tv. If there’s a lucrative casino offer around, there’s an Arab gambler taking advantage of it.

Nvidia's deal with ARM Holdings

The Nvidia 40B Affair In Financial Times

While selling millions of products yearly, the Nvidia company is dramatically growing in the digital game market. The recent news about Nvidia’s coming out for the acquisition of the British ARM Holdings is one of the most evident signs that describe its prominent role in the market. But, at the same time, it’s also a source of concern for international competitors in the digital field, including Google and Microsoft.

The US Federal Trade Commission opened a complaint to stop the cma nvidia 40b financialtimes deal between Nvidia and ARM Holdings. American Google and Microsoft aren’t the only entities in trouble with the new proposal for the acquisition of Nvidia. The British government launched a Phase Two investigation to study the deal. Not later, the European Commission announced it’s working on a Phase Two investigation, too. The goal is to analyze the deal’s competition concerns and security risks for the UK. 

If the deal is successful, Nvidia will become the world’s first and largest chip design company. That’s what could become a severe threat to national security. That’s why the British government is all regulators to control and examine the deal in depth. Although Nvidia is a trustworthy company that protects its intellectual property, competitors are worried about Nvidia growing its power and control over the entire chip design market.

Regulatory action is urgent in the deal because it’s unclear how it will affect the market, competitors, and their impact on the consumers. Without a doubt, the competitors’ position would weaken in favor of Nvidia’s growth. Another potential consequence is that it could drive up prices for the consumers.


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