Start a Profitable On-Demand Multi-Service Business with Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022

 Start a Profitable On-Demand Multi-Service Business with Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022

Presently, Startups and even existing Businesses rely on Mobile Apps to contribute a major portion to their Profits. User Behavior has evolved a lot during the Pandemic. And since then, Mobile Applications have evidently become a Human’s Best Friend! Users find it more convenient to Unlock their Phones, tap on the Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 Icon, click on the Service they need, and hit the ‘BOOK’ button. 


KINGX 2022 is the Clone App that’s similar to the Original Indonesian Gojek App.  But, it is Bigger, Better, more Robust, and User-Friendly than the Original App. In simpler words, this App is a Pristine Super App. Why is it called a Super App? Well, this App solely offers 70+ User-Centric and Value-Driven On-Demand Services. 

This App is the need of the hour because: 


This On-Demand Multi-Service App enfolds multiple On-Demand Services and on top of that, the developers have introduced Two Additional Features. 

  • Online Video Consultation

Allows App Users to sit comfortably anywhere they want and consult with a Doctor, Lawyer, Tutor, etc. The Video Consultation Feature is visible right on the App’s Home Screen. After selecting the Desired Professional Category, say, Doctor, the User can choose any subcategory of Doctor – Pediatrician, Dietician, General Physician, etc. from the drop-down list. Now, they can schedule the Session or Book Instant Video Calling. In either case, only the Doctor gets the option to initiate the Video Call. The Session lasts for the Booked Time Slot, and after it ends, the Doctor’s Consultation Fee is automatically deducted from the User’s Credit Card! 

  • Service Bidding 

Under this Service, the Gojek Clone App User can Post a Task in any Service Bidding Category – Painter, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, etc. Based on the asked Service Location, all the nearby Professionals will be notified. Now, the Providers can Accept, Decline, or Make an Offer for the Task posted by the User. This is how the Bidding Process starts! 

The User and the Provider can negotiate until they get into a Win-Win Agreement! The Provider will then come to the Doorstep on the said Date & Time and finish the Job. 


To promote one’s Business; the Service Providers registered with your App can ask the App Admin to post their Advertisement on the App’s Home Page! As soon as the User will Log in to the App, an Ad will Pop Up that’ll contain the promoting Store/Service Providers Name, Promo Code, Offer, etc.!

Thus, the Provider will pay a Certain Amount to the App Owner to place the Promotional Ad on the App. Another way in which the Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App Owner can earn is via integration of Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 


Another reason why you should Start your Journey in On-Demand Market with KINGX 2022 is because it offers Advanced AI-Based Methods to Login into the App. This App allows iOS App Users to Login with Face ID, while Android Users have to Login with Biometrics Scanning! 

These Artificial Intelligence Based Methods are much more Secure, Safe, and Convenient to Use as compared to remembering Passwords and Usernames! 

In a nutshell, this On-Demand Multi Services App is a Super App that satisfies Users with utmost efficacy! 


KINGX 2022 is already a Blockbuster and if you’re aspiring to become a Successful Entrepreneur in the Shortest Time Possible, then, get this App today! Grab the most Unique Advantages and Features of this Trailblazing and All-Inclusive Gojek Clone App. 

So, are you ready to create your Brand Image with the World’s Biggest App? If yes, then connect with the most Proficient and Experienced White-Labeling Firm holding a Global Repute!

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