OnePlus 8 Mobile Review That You Should Read

 OnePlus 8 Mobile Review That You Should Read

OnePlus 8 Smartphone is another best Smartphone in the digital world. Its reason is that this essential Smartphone is running on the Android V10 operating system.

This Smartphone has also a powerful processing system. The processing system of this Smartphone is Octa Core. It is also the best Smartphone for internet users because it has 8GB RAM.

Moreover, internal storage of this Smartphone is also impressive for the users because, on this Smartphone, you can easily store data of almost 128 GB.

The charging process of this Smartphone is also quick. Based on masters dissertation help reviews, some essential features of the OnePlus 8 mobile that you should need to know are given below;

Key Specs

OnePlus 8

Before buying a mobile phone, it is necessary for us to get an idea about its key specs. In the key specs of this Smartphone, first of all, there comes a front camera.

The front camera result of this mobile phone is 20MP. It has a powerful battery of 4000mAh. The processor of this Smartphone is also very impressive because, in this phone, the powerful processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 has been used.

The display of this Smartphone is also almost 6.5 inches. The rear camera is also known as one of the most important specs of Smartphone and this Smartphone has a rear camera of almost 48 MP.

RAM and internal storage are also key specs of a Smartphone. As we have discussed earlier that this Smartphone has 8 GB RAM and 128 internal storage memory.

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Special Specs

Along with key specs, there are also some special specs of this Smartphone that are distinguishing it from the other Smartphone.

This Smartphone is using some essential sensors like light sensors, Compass sensors and Gyroscope sensors etc. On-Screen Fingerprint sensor position is also an essential spec of this Smartphone.

Moreover, this Smartphone is also using the fingerprint sensor.

General Specs

There are also general specs of a phone and these general specs of a phone are also very important. Its reason is that these general specs of a phone can also become a cause of rejection or selection of a Smartphone.

In the general specs, first of all, there comes a charging process. The charging process of this Smartphone is very quick. There are two SIM slots on this phone.

You can also use nano SIMS on this phone. This Smartphone can easily support 4G. At last, this Smartphone has fingerprint sensors.


In the multimedia of a Smartphone, first of all, there comes audio jack and this Smartphone is using an audio jack of USB Type-C. You can also run music on this Smartphone by turning on the loudspeaker.


Design of a Smartphone is also a major factor in the selection and rejection of a Smartphone. The design of this Smartphone is also very impressive for the users. The width of this Smartphone is 72.9 mm.

The thickness of this Smartphone is 8.1 mm. The height of this Smartphone is 160.2 mm. This Smartphone is available in just black colour.


The display of this Smartphone is also user-friendly. The type of display that is used in this Smartphone is Fluid AMOLED. The density of pixel is almost 405 PPI.

For the protection of the screen of this Smartphone, we are using Corning Gorilla Glass. The size of the screen of this Smartphone is 6.5 inches.

You can also enjoy an impressive resolution of the screen while using this Smartphone. The resolution of the screen on this Smartphone is almost 1080×2400 pixels.

With the help of multi-touch features, this Smartphone is also providing the best touch screen features to the users.


The best features relevant to the battery of a Smartphone also play a vital role in order to get the attraction of the users. In this Smartphone, Li-ion battery of 4000 mAh is used.

You can charge this battery quickly. Another quality of this Smartphone is that it is providing an opportunity for wireless charging for users.

Network Connectivity

You can easily connect to the internet by using its Wi-Fi features. For the sharing of the internet to the other devices, this device is also providing Mobile Hotspot features to the users.

You can also share and receive data by using its Bluetooth of v5.0. If you want to transfer or receive data from the USB, this Smartphone is also providing Mass Storage Device opportunity to the users.

With the help of USB, it is also possible for you to charge your phone. This Smartphone also provides you with an opportunity to connect with 4G networks.

You can easily select the network connection of 4G on each SIM. It means that it is providing 4G services for each SIM.

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