What To Choose, Online Tutoring or Offline Tutoring?

 What To Choose, Online Tutoring or Offline Tutoring?

Finding a tutor isn’t but finding the right one is. It can be challenging if you have never had a tutor before. Due to the pandemic, all schools have been shut down. So many have come up with appointing a tutor for their child, but they’re not sure which one to go for. Online tutor or offline tutor?

Some Pros and Cons of Online and Offline Tutoring.

Online Tutoring

Teaching online is a visual teaching practice that uses the Internet, computer, tablet, and other gadgets. Teachers and students meet online rather than in person. They may use whiteboards, e-mails, video, and audio to communicate.

Pros of Online Tutoring

1. Flexibility

With online tutoring, the student’s schedule will be flexible as they can attend their lectures at any time and from anywhere. There’ll be no obligation regarding the period or the place or anything. You can also save a lot of time. 

2. Saves time and money

You can save time and money with the help of online tutoring. You shouldn’t worry about studying and wasting your time, and the teacher will not ask for overhead charges. Then, the charges will be lower in comparison to offline tutoring. You can use NCERT Solutions for class 9 as well.

3. More than one mentor

You can also get more than one tutor in online mode. For example, you have a science test tomorrow to connect with the science teacher, but let’s assume you have a math test a week later. Then what will you do? That’s the benefit of online tutoring. You can access any class you want.

Cons of Online Tutoring

1. Proficiency in technology

The teacher and student need to be proficient with technology. Otherwise, they’ll not be able to use the resources completely. As the features are coming into the market, they must keep themselves updated.

2. Distraction

Devices can be distracting for students while studying. While attending a lecture, students get text messages or notifications that create distractions, and students end up playing games or doing any other external activities, which is a bigger problem.

3. Hands-on skills

If you look at the younger children, they need extra support and care, which is only possible with online tutoring. Even if we’re talking about the adults, there’re many specific fields where you need to apply hands-on skills to do the work.

Offline Tutoring

Traditional teaching is a practice of teaching when the teacher and the student meet in person. Depending on the teacher’s preferred teaching methods and teaching methods, they may use traditional teaching aids such as textbooks and pamphlets and modern ones.

Pros of Offline Tutoring

1. Interactive

Offline tutoring/in-person tutoring is very interactive compared to online tutoring. If we look into it closely, we can see in online classes that students keep on changing tabs on their devices and don’t interact with their teacher, but in offline tutoring, there’s no such option left to them.

2. Ability to respond

They are highly engaging as there’s always a teacher who’ll notice your activities whether you’re studying or not. The environment will keep you engaged in your studies and the class. 

3. Social skills

Your children can easily learn all the social skills as they’ll interact with people and engage in the class. It will also make them confident and develop their personnel skills as well. There’s no such option in online tutoring.

Cons of Offline Tutoring

1. Requires to move

With offline tutoring, you need to move from place to place, and it’ll be very hectic for you. You need to set a complete routine for the tutoring, and you cannot miss your lesson at any cost. You need to be there at that time of the class.

2. Does not save time

With online tutoring, you can at least save a lot of time for yourself and do the external activities in the meantime, but it’s not the same with this. You need to put in a lot of effort and time if you’re willing to join offline tutoring.

3. Higher cost

Comparatively, offline tutoring will be higher than online tutoring; there’ll be extra overhead charges as well. And if you look for a home tutor, their charges are much higher than the rest. To save costs, you can also download NCERT Solutions for class 12.

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Which One is Better for Tutoring

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and you need to look at them closely and then compare them accordingly. It may also be helpful to try online and cultural tutorials so that your child can know and make choices based on what works best for them.

If your child loves technology and loves to use it to do his homework, then online teaching may be a better choice for him. On the other hand, if your child is too young, or if you prefer to learn more by hand, consider teaching him personally.

Remember that a lower and lower level of training providers will waste your money and not bring you the results you want. Therefore, it is also necessary to review and evaluate various options.

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