Operations made Faster, Smarter, and Cheaper with Armstrong Warehouse Management System

 Operations made Faster, Smarter, and Cheaper with Armstrong Warehouse Management System

Manual workers and technician checking and carrying boxes down with pallet car or handling mechanical industrial jacks in the large distrubition warehouse corridor in factory building.

A survey by ARC Advisory Group concluded that Automation is the future of Warehousing. The warehouse management system industry is predicted to grow by 96% in the next 3 years. With consumerism on the rise, the manual alternative to automated warehouse management systems is positioned to encounter a massive amount of struggle to survive on its own.  

The key to warehouse efficiency in today’s world lies in the hands of automation and operations are driven by data. According to a study published by G2, about 77% of companies around the world have taken serious consideration of adapting to an automated system. 

Such intelligent systems allow more products to move farther and faster with the help of transportation methods like conveyors. It can carry the product across the warehouse without any employee involvement. Efficiency, accuracy, and optimization are increased. In the meantime, the employees can divert their efforts into chasing down leads, managing equipment, and planning for the future.

Pros of an Intelligent Warehouse Management System

  • Significant reduction in human error

While errors and goof-ups are a part of warehouse management, with the help of an intelligent management system by a trusted provider like Armstrong, the errors become easier to spot and rectify. Greater accuracy means higher quality which is sure to make the clients happy. The use of automation ensures that both the manufacturer as well as the client don’t have to worry about the quality of a product.

  • The capacity of production is maximized 

Manufacturers are always under strict deadlines. The best way to establish an organization as a reliable one is by delivering the customer’s orders on time. Advanced warehouse management systems by Armstrong help you achieve this goal. You might even be able to get the items to the customer before the deadline. All of this is streamlined and made possible by the high throughput capacity achieved by automation.

  • Lower risks of injury

One might try to minimize danger in the workplace as much as possible, especially in high-risk environments like warehouses, which traditionally depend heavily on manual labour. It’s practically unavoidable. With the help of an automated industrial management system, you might just save an employee from getting injured on the job. 

Market Predictions for the Intelligent Warehouse Management System

It is a well-known fact that conveyors and sortation systems are very regularly used equipment when we talk about any warehouse management system. They are often used in collaboration with other subsystems which are by and large automated as well. About 60 percent of industry experts in logistics expect that investments in conveyors and sortation will rise over the next 3 years. 

Another predecessor of this is the Shuttle system. It is a technology with the second-highest level of adoption expectations in the near future. Multiple pieces of research on warehouse automation and AS/RS shows that the market for shuttle systems is growing at a steady rate. The advent of the intelligent industrial management system addresses the needs of many warehouses today by facilitating high throughput and storage capacity. There are also relatively high levels of adoption expectations for AS/RS, popularly known as stacker cranes and traditional AGVs. This shows that these well-established technologies are essential to meet the requirements of the modern warehouse.

Why Choose Armstrong for Your Automation Needs?

Armstrong is India’s biggest Intralogistics automation company and has more than 20 years of experience in the supply chain management industry. With an innovative approach, it helps in automating their customer’s inbound, outbound, storage, and sorting operations. They come up with uniquely crafted solutions that are proven to double the customer’s productivity while eliminating chances of error and enhancing its profitability. It incorporates Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence into its solutions.

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