5 things you need to know about Invisalign braces  In 2022

 5 things you need to know about Invisalign braces  In 2022

Have you heard about Invisalign braces out there? Orthodontic treatment with this device model is gaining more and more space in the market, but many people are still unaware of all the advantages offered by it – and there are many, from comfort to agility in treatment. 

With that in mind, we developed this post especially to explain what Invisalign braces are and tell you more about the benefits of this modern treatment. Ready to know all the advantages of invisible aligners?

So read on and find out why Invisalign is the right choice for you!

What is Invisalign braces?

Well known as invisible braces, Invisalign is the most modern and revolutionary choice among orthodontic treatments for teeth correction. With it, no one will know you wear braces!

The aligners are transparent and removable, making your treatment much more discreet and comfortable, without disturbing your day-to-day at all. But Invisalign goes much further than that.

Developed using 3D printers with innovative material and SmartTrack technology, the aligners are fully customized to your smile, allowing for an even more effective result. 

You receive a series of aligners, which must be changed weekly or every two weeks as directed by your orthodontist. Aligners follow the movement of your teeth in a much more practical way, ensuring more efficient results. 

To exert the correct force on your teeth, the Invisalign system also has small attachments, strategically fixed to the teeth with a transparent resin to maintain discretion: they play the role of braces, but are much more comfortable and contribute to making treatment less painful and faster.

Everything you need to know about Invisalign!

Now that we understand what Invisalign is, how about we learn more about the benefits of this orthodontic treatment? Come with us to understand how aligners can help you conquer the smile of dreams!

To know if Invisalign is the perfect choice for you, we list 5 things you need to know about the famous invisible braces before starting treatment. Look that:


SmartTrack technology, the one we mentioned at the beginning of the post, is largely responsible for ensuring comfort while you use your aligner. But not just her: from the 3D mold of your smile, the aligners are cut individually, ensuring a better fit on your teeth. 

In addition to being made especially for your smile, the invisible device is transparent and does not interfere with your routine at all without the discomfort of metallic wires present in conventional braces

Oh, and SmartTrack technology allows the application of lighter and constant forces on the teeth, ensuring a more agile correction without that common discomfort in conventional fixed appliances.


Yes, Invisalign is a removable braces! Ideal for your day-to-day, you will have no limitations to eat and you can even take it out at special events. Plus, you can take your aligners anywhere with a special Invisalign box and continue your treatment without further complications.

When eating or doing some physical activity, for example, just take them out, put them in the box and then put them back in again: very practical, isn’t it? It also makes your oral care routine much easier, as does cleaning the aligners themselves. 

But it’s worth remembering that you need to use your aligners according to your orthodontist’s instructions to ensure the result you’ve always dreamed of, okay? The success of the treatment also depends on your discipline when following the guidelines and taking care of your oral health.


With Invisalign, all your treatment is planned in a virtual way, which allows much greater predictability in each movement. Much of the delay in treatment with conventional appliances is due to the fact that, when applying force to a tooth, it can affect the tooth on the side and so new corrections are necessary.

With Invisalign virtual planning powered by state-of-the-art ClinCheck software, all of this is predictable and the dentist can apply the exact force to a specific tooth without affecting others, making treatment much faster. 

To do this virtual planning, the orthodontist makes a fully digital scan of your dental arch using the iTero scanner. From there, the 3D mold of your smile is saved in ClinCheck and each stage of the treatment is planned, serving as a basis for the production of aligners.


That’s right: with Invisalign, the orthodontist already does all the virtual planning in the first appointment and you can see the final result in just a few minutes! Amazing, isn’t it?

Planning is done after that scan of your smile, as we explained in the previous item, remember? The iTero scanner takes 6,000 photos per second to record your entire dental arch and allows for a more accurate analysis of your needs.

It is worth remembering that this scanning also helps to make a more personalized device since the 3D mold will be used as a basis for the production of your aligners.


With Invisalign braces, you don’t have the discomfort of braces or metal wires used in conventional fixed braces. The material used in the production of the aligners is much more comfortable, discreet, and personalized. 

Another important point is the decrease in pain Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners, as the force applied is much more assertive and light when compared to other models of orthodontic devices. 

As we have already explained in this post, all this comfort and efficiency of Invisalign treatment is possible thanks to virtual planning and SmartTrack technology.

Interested in learning more about Invisalign braces? So don’t waste time and conquer your dream smile too!

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