Outsourcing Software Development to Poland & Belarus

 Outsourcing Software Development to Poland & Belarus

Outsourcing Software Development to Poland & Belarus

With top-tier software development talent and a favourable business climate, Eastern Europe is among the most solid and stable software outsource markets. So, Poland and Belarus are two Eastern European nations that can claim highly competent software development personnel with years of hands-on expertise in the worldwide software development business.

Therefore, Poland and Belarus deliver stable, high-quality information technology services. Several well-known IT corporations have opened branch offices and R&D facilities in the country, delegating software projects to Polish and Belarusian employees. In this post, we’ll look at why many organisations want to outsource their application development and why they chose Poland and Belarus.

Why Outsource Software Development?

Many businesses see IT outsourcing as a feasible alternative for developing digital solutions. So, the following are the primary reasons why businesses opt to use outsourced software development teams. You can hire full stack developers depending on your company’s needs.

Cost optimization

Creating custom software is an expensive endeavour. So, it necessitates the formation of a complete software development team of a diversified range of skills, knowledge, and technologies. Hence, many organisations outsource app development to reduce development expenses. This aspect eliminates hiring, training, benefit payments, and other expenses connected with in-house team maintenance.

Furthermore, hiring software development teams from lower-cost countries like Poland and Belarus is significantly less expensive for US and EU firms.

Speeding up software development

A well-chosen team of IT professionals may significantly speed up the software development process. So, customers do not have to spend time recruiting IT expertise or building and managing software development procedures within their teams. Instead, clients are given a well-equipped crew ready to begin the development project at any moment.

Top-notch IT skills

IT outsourcing suppliers must regularly train their professionals and ensure that their work is aligned with worldwide software development standards to maintain a competitive edge in the market and deliver high-quality services. So, IT outsourcing firms receive numerous globally recognized certificates for this purpose and apply their standards to all structure divisions and workers in their company.

Access to an extensive talent pool

There is a critical shortage of IT skills in the IT business globally. As a result, firms in desperate need of software development professionals opt to outsource. They don’t halt their projects and spend time looking for suitable candidates.

So, outsourcing IT vendors may immediately identify and deliver the finest professionals with the necessary capabilities for in-house team augmentation, or they can establish full-cycle software development teams for immediate project launch.

The Software Development Industry Comparison

Poland and Belarus both have steadily expanding IT outsourcing markets. So, let us examine the two countries more closely.


The Belarusian IT sector is rigorously separated into outsourcing firms (60.5%) and product companies (39.5%). So, the majority of outsourcing vendors operate on the worldwide market, with clients from all over the world, with 44 percent from the United States and Canada, 49.1 percent from Europe, and 4.1 percent from Russia and other CIS nations. Hence, In 2019, the IT industry accounted for 6.2 percent of Belarusian GDP, with a predicted growth of 7.5 percent by 2025.

Many Belarusian IT firms inhabit the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park (HTP), which opened in 2005. Belarus has centred the majority of IT enterprises in Belarus’s capital, Minsk. So, HTTP now houses 1054 IT enterprises and 121 R&D international corporate centres, with over 71,000 development specialists. Hence, the resident firms benefit from significant tax breaks, encouraging company development in IT-related fields. VAT, corporate earnings tax, customs duty, and office duty are examples of these taxes. As a result, the tariffs make it easier for Belarusians to provide outsourcing services to other nations.


Poland’s IT/ICT industry employs around 430,000 people and accounts for approximately 8% of Polish GDP. In contrast to Belarus, Poland has spread significant Polish IT centres throughout the country.

Polish ICT specialisations are numerous and include: As in Belarus, most Polish IT businesses operate for the worldwide IT market. The most important IT outsourcing categories in Poland are software creation, IT support, and game design. The Polish IT outsourcing industry reached $2,000 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $2,311 million by 2021. Software Development Services are vital in this day and age.

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