Overview of The ISTQB Foundation Certification

 Overview of The ISTQB Foundation Certification

The British Computer Association (BCS), the ISEB Software Testing Council and the International Software Testing Standards Council (ISTQB) have released updated versions of the ISEB/ISTQB Silabus Core Course. This course was published in March 2010 and is currently the basis for the ISEB and ISTQB Foundation (CTFL) exams.

ISTQB foundation Course change pattern

Changes to the ISTQB Foundation core test syllabus include a change in emphasis on certain words or concepts. Much of the actual course content has not changed. However, it is worth focusing on some updates. The specific period changes are as follows.

ISTQB certification learning objectives

Learning objectives (LO) are define. Some phrases have been changed. K4 learning objectives have also been added. Previously, only K1 (remember, know, remember), K2 (understand, explain, compare, generalize, etc.) and K3 (apply, use). K4 (analysis) too.

  • Testing terms and testing strategies are increasingly define over time and elsewhere.
  • The concept of tracking between test rules and test cases is part of chapter 1.4 of the course.
  • The concept of test objects and test rules is explaine in the second chapter of the course.
  • The phrase “guarantee test” has replace by the phrase “guarantee test”. “Retesting”
  • Improve the quality of information and tests in many parts of the course.
  • Access criteria added to subsection (Chapter 5.2.3)
  • Describes the nature of the test plan and the source documents of the test plan.
  • Added information about behavior code. (Formerly part of the ISTQB Advanced Level Certificate or CTAL Certificate)
  • Prepare for the ISTQB/ISEB Foundation Exam with New Curriculum

As you can see, the changes are relatively minor and are not associate with any conceptual changes. The courses are mostly coordinate. If you are preparing for the ISTEQB / ISTEQB Foundation (CTFL) exam, you need to make sure you have completed the latest courses. The current version can download from the BCS website and other sources.

Prepare for ISTQB foundation certification

Keep in mind that studying one lesson is not enough to prepare for the exam. At the very least, you should read the official glossary. (Also available on BCS) and download sample exam questions. Or you can buy a textbook. The most important thing when buying a textbook or taking a teacher-led course is to make sure you’re ready. The test costs hundreds of dollars. There are no refunds for break points.


It’s very easy, but the course changes clearly help refine and improve the original content. The benefits both employers and students. BCS will work with ISTQB to integrate and coordinate certification guidelines for ISEB and ISTQB Foundation exams, with further course changes expected over the next few years. Learn more about the data analytics courses.

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