Packaging styles for custom boxes in the UK (2022)

 Packaging styles for custom boxes in the UK (2022)

With the advent of digital media and on-demand shopping growth, more items are being purchased without ever being touched. From furniture to food, clothes to technology. There’s been a shift towards making purchases online that can be delivered straight to your home. Gone are the days of browsing through overstuffed shops and hunting down elusive items instead, it’s all about convenience. That means buying a product quickly and effortlessly, with just the click of a button or two on a laptop or smartphone. But how do companies deliver items that are usually tough to package, without damaging them in the process? Custom boxes wholesale in the UK play a huge part! There are many packaging styles to choose from, and it’s important to pick one that suits your needs.

Here are 10 packaging styles for your customizable boxes in the UK (2022):

1. Hard cardboard wrap

Cardboard wrap is a simple, yet effective way of packaging boxes items that are fragile or breakable. It’s also a great choice for protecting electronics, like laptops or tablets, from being damaged. Cardboard wrap is strong and hard, so it can be tricky to trim even when using scissors. For this reason, it when packing fragile items, such as glass or china, the slightest scratch could mean the difference between breaking and not breaking at all!

2. Cardboard custom boxes

Refine Custom boxes can be purchased from paper shops or stationery stores for just a few pounds each. It’s easy to open and close with scissors, and also lightweight, making it ideal for shipping delicate items like food or electronics.

3. Bubble wrap

One of the most famous ways to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap protects items from each other and also cushions the item being wrapped from potential damage. The issue comes when trying to cut it. Bubble wrap is notoriously difficult to cut with scissors, which can make it a tricky item to use!

4. Styrofoam blocks

Styrofoam blocks are a great way of keeping things safe, as they are lightweight and can be used in conjunction with other packaging materials for greater protection, like wrapping something in cardboard before covering it in Styrofoam.

5. Brown paper bags

Paper bags are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of packaging, as they can be reused again and again! This simple method is ideal for shipping lightweight items that may require some protection from each other without being too bulky, like food or small electronics.


6. Bubble mailers

If you want to send something a long distance to a friend, bubble mailers are a great alternative to more expensive shipping methods, such as courier services or haulage companies.

7. Padded paper envelopes

Similar to padded envelopes, padded paper envelopes are a great choice for mailing clothing and small packages, as they provide ample padding while being lightweight and easy to use. As they’re not made of paper, they can be reusable multiple times and are easier to recycle than regular paper envelopes, making them a great option for the environmentally-conscious companies out there.

8. Single-wall carton

Shippers use single-wall cartons for shipping fragile items as well as small items such as pens, rulers or key chains. It is typically tailor-made of a corrugated material that can be custom-made with graphics or custom prints with your custom packaging company name and information. Generally, it cannot hold very heavy products but has been used for things like books, dolls, and electronics.

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9. Double-walled custom boxes

One of the most popular and versatile ways to package items for shipping, custom boxes are usually tailor-made of paperboard. However, you can choose a heavier-weight material depending on the weight of your product (usually at least 25lb).

10. Foil Box

This style of packaging came about due to the need for thermal insulation. The outer layer is tailor-made of high-density cardboard well-known that you can print your logo or image on top. It’s also tailor0-made of paperboard with an aluminum foil inside that helps to keep the product cool while in transit.

Combining packaging styles can also be a good idea in some situations. For example, bubble wrap can protect your items during shipping or transportation, while padded envelopes can help keep items safe once they’ve reached their destination.

In the nutshell:

Custom boxes in the UK (2022) come in a range of sizes and shapes. But the most important thing is that they are sturdy! Whether you’re sending fragile items or protecting heavier items with multiple layers of packaging, it’s important to choose the right box for your needs.

Once you’ve chosen a box style that suits your requirements and packed it with your goods, all you need to do is seal it! We’d recommend sealing all the way around on hard cardboard wrap or bubble wrap, so you don’t end up leaving an opening somewhere. For something more rigid, like cardboard boxes. It’s fine to leave an opening at one end and simply tape up the other end.

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